In my years of fashion, I have been told by clients that they felt their closet was blah, because they had so many basic items and they didn't think their clothing were stylish or fashionable unless they had expensive, items...well I am here to say "No way, Jose!!"


First and foremost never purchase any item that is over your budget. Never and I mean never shop above your means (Debt is big NO NO!). There is always an affordable way to look FABU!!!!  You can turn any basic item in your wardrobe into the most fashionable, stylish and TRENDY outfit. 


See, I like to define words because it gives me a much better understanding....so, let's look at the word basic. Most of the time when we think of something basic especially clothing; we think of boring, simple and just kind of blah. But if you actually search the word basic in Google you will find as the first definition:

"forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental."
This definition is what I prefer when describing basic items in our wardrobe. Every basic item that you must have in your closet provides exactly what is described in the definition above - a foundation for clothing, a starting point when creating outfits, and yes they are fundamental!!


Okay, Tonya so what can I do with my basic items? Glad you asked...Continue reading and I will share with you 5 Basic Items That Can Be Fashionable.

Let's start with my favorite....

The Basic T-Shirt

The basic t-shirt...it doesn't matter what color, the outfits are endless. We all own a t-shirt or two or three or four or five, so you can create some of the most fashionable and stylish outfits that fit your personality. My rule of thumb to choosing the right t-shirt is that it fits your body type (that's a whole new post right there). Without talking about each style personality, here are some suggestions to wearing a basic tee:

  • With Jeans - duh, we know this right, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, colorful jeans...but have you ever thought about tucking in the front and wearing a light cardigan with it? What about some big funky jewelry (if that's your style)? Or even wearing it just as it is with a cute pair of colorful heels, or some cute sandals...and then adding a small handbag, or backpack bag.
  • With a Cardigan - a long vest or cardigan will turn your outfit into a celebrity-style outfit...even paired with wedges or heels or your sneakers.
  • With a Skirt - Have fun, no rules...just go with it!

Or just keep it simple -

  • Layered over a colorful Tank - Again have fun, no rules...mix and match and just go with it!
  • Any Pair of your favorite pants

The Tank Top

Next is the tank top...these have become another one of my favorite basic tops. Because they are so cool and comfortable, especially during this time of the year. Just like the basic t-shirt, the tank top can create some of the most fashionable outfits.

  • With Jeans - Yes, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans, colorful jeans...Don't throw out those cute jeans you have! Tucked in the front, long the back...get that hi-low affect without having to spend extra money on a hi-low top.
  • With a Cardigan - worn with your best jeans, you have created a celebrity-styled outfit again!
  • With Dress Pants - wear with any dress pants you have, black, blue, gray...they will look fabu on you! Paired with a blazer and you are in business!
  • With a skirt - have fun and just go with it!
  • With any pair of pants - you pick and pair it!

The Cardigan

I have fallen in love with the cardigans...especially the long, duster, floor length cardigans. No matter the length, style or color there is a cardigan for every personality and body type. You can wear it with anything. NO rules here!


Next, we have everyone's favorite...Jeans!! Never will they ever go out of style, they are here to stay forever...but now they have become so versatile that you can dress them up, dress them down, wear different colors, roll them up, roll them down. They have become a way of life! We all have them in our closets, so what is the problem? As I have been asked by clients, What can I wear them with besides t-shirts? But the real question that should be asked is What can I NOT wear with jeans? Because the outfits are endless:

You can even add the basic items above to your jeans...I hope you are noticing the pattern here :)

The Black Pants

The Classic Black Pants...every woman should have a pair of these in her wardrobe. Again the outfits are endless. Dress them up or go casual...no matter your personality style, you can make them work for you. Wear with cardigan, tank, t-shirt, blouse, sweater...you have these items already just make it work, get creative and be YOU.


If you noticed the pattern, each of these basic items can be paired with each other. That's how you create multiple outfits and save $$$$.

So don't overlook those basic items in your closet, they are the starting point of each outfit you create, they are the foundation of your clothing. So before you think about throwing them try putting some fashionable outfits together, and remember to have fun. Don't think about what fashion trend is in...but focus on your personal style. 

Remember to always stay true to who YOU are.





Published by LaTonya Knox