Here he is : the new baby bull, who after much debate over red wine, a bonfire, family and friends. He is an orphan and needs nourishment until he is old enough to go back into the paddocks. We posted it out on facebook, twitter and on Instagram and got dozens of great names but the one that appealed to the farmer was “Turnbull” named directly after our Prime Minister here in Australia.

He is very placid, comes to the gate when he see’s me with the bottle and drinks till there is no milk left in the bottle, he only allows me to pet him whilst feeding then he becomes aloof and wanders off to chew grass. Our vegetable patch or ex vegetable patch has been an animal nursery for a few years now. It is close to the house and they are protected from the elements and dogs, fed and cared for until they go back to the mobs.

This is the reality of farming and life, animals and people die for various reasons and those left behind (hopefully) get embrace, valued and reared with love to return to a community that will look after them or rear them till the next one comes along

Published by Robyn verrall