I may owe an apology to the Tiny Pretty Things adaptation.

The previously released cast list included several new characters, leaving me disappointed that the show would apparently not be following the story from the duology.  Now The Fandom reports that the show has cast Cassie, one of the most important characters in the main story arc.  So, maybe the show will follow the book story after all, at least more than the first cast list suggested.

Freeform is looking at a new thriller following two teen girls, one who is abducted, and the other who shifts from an outsider to the most popular girl in town, and then the most despised person in the country.  Could be interesting, and at least it won’t have the baggage of the now cancelled The Perfectionists. 

The Fandom has some cast announcements for Netflix’s upcoming Leigh Bardugo series. 

SpoilerTV notes that NBC is considering a post-apocalyptic show following a group of experts in the Arctic who hope to rebuild humanity.  Meanwhile, CBS is looking at a time travel show.

Not surprisingly, the CW is going to look at a few paranormal projects, what with Supernatural coming to an end.  First there is the second attempt at The Lost Boys pilot.  Then we have a new Dark Shadows series, as well as an adaptation of Victoria Schwab's The Archived series, though the logline sounds quite different from the books.  And it will apparantly be a new story set in the same world, not an actual adaptation

The last show generated quite a bit of controversy when it was announced, mostly from people who are angry that the network didn’t pick up the Supernatural spinoff Wayward sisters.  I understand it can be disappointing when a show is cancelled or a pilot not picked up, but the venom seemed kind of over the top.  It was partly based on a supposed statement from the network head about there not being an audience for a female led ghost hunter show being the reason WS wasn’t picked up, though I can’t find any evidence that he actually said that.  What he did say is that the show wasn’t where they wanted it to be creatively, and just not as good as the other pilots they had available.  And with all the pilots they picked up getting a second season, I doubt they are feeling any dumpers regret. I don’t know, people can certainly be disappointed a show wasn’t picked up, but accusations of the network spitting on the fans or slapping them in the face seems extreme.

Published by Andrew Clendening