Some of the latest news for TV, thanks to spoilertv!

The CW is looking at adapting Lifeboat Clique, a story of a group of teens stranded together by a freak storm.  They fall into their familiar high school dynamics, but one outcast must now try to work within the social system she despises if she wants to survive.  Sounds like The 100 meets Gossip Girl, and I think it could work, though it all depends on the characters and casting.

The net is also looking at a comedic updating of The Picture of Dorian Grey, with a female protagonist who made a deal with the devil for eternal youth who now finds herself ready to grow up, but must face the consequences of her years of selfish behaviour.  I don’t know about this one, it could fit in the JTV or Crazy Ex niche, but my initial thought is that it doesn’t sound like my ideal Dorian Grey adaptation.

The net is also taking a look at another project from actor Michael Weatherly, who pitched a dystopian Little Women a few years back that didn’t go anywhere.  Ruthless will follow a retired CIA assassin who finds herself looking after a slightly unhinged teenage girl, who she tries to guide through life without a body count.  I’m not sure this is a project that will work in today’s world, but I give Weatherly credit for coming up with ideas that get my attention.  Maybe the third time will be the charm for him and the CW.

Moving to other networks, CBS is surprisingly looking at getting back into the superhero game, after they pitched Supergirl to the CW in the aftermath of season 1.  Though this would be a much different project, as Secret Six focuses on some of the more ethically questionable member of the cape and cowl crowd.  It still feels like a bad match of show and network from where I’m standing.

Meanwhile, Netflix has pounced on The Chronicles of Narnia series, planning to do both films and TV series apparently.  I’m not sure how that will work, though this presumably means the plan to reboot the existing Narnia film series with new actors, but continuing the series in that they would be adapting the next book up in the series after the three films already done, which always seemed like a bit of an odd idea.  If you’re going to reboot the series, why not start from the beginning?

Netflix is also moving forward with another genre show, The I-land.  This finds a group of people who find themselves trapped on a mysterious and dangerous island, with no memory of how they got there or even who they are.

NBC is looking to get into the vampire game with The Last American Vampire , which seems like a fairly typical supernatural being paired with human cop show, though it should be noted that the source novel is a spinoff/sequel to Abraham Lincoln vs. Vampires.  NBC has another supernatural show to consider, as a potential Grimm spinoff is also being considered.

Freeform is looking to team up with Stephen King, readying an adaption of his novel Joyland.  This one follows a youth who takes a job at an amusement park but must confront a legacy of murder as he comes of age in a North Carolina tourist town.

Finally, we head back to Netflix for an adaptation of the YA novel Trinkets, following three disparate teens who meet in a Shoplifters Anonymous meeting.  Sounds like the perfect place for the beginning of a beautiful and totally healthy friendship!

Published by Andrew Clendening