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Like every year, the CW seems set on finding the right project for a Supernatural companion show, even though they ultimately passed on last year’s straight spin-off, Serarchers the year before, and Transylvania the year before that.  This year, we’ve already seen The Cove as a possible companion for Supernatural, and the net has now picked up three other contenders for consideration.

Survivor’s Club is based on a Vertigo comic, so maybe it’s actually meant to replace Izombie, not be a Supernatural companion?  Though it certainly sounds like Supernatural, following siblings (brother and sister) this time in a world where horror monsters exist, who’s relationship was destroyed due to a demonic possession that claimed their mother’s life.  They work with other survivor’s of such incidents to fight the monsters in the world and their head.

The next option sounds very similar to Transylvania from a few years back. The Strange Case of the Alchemists’ Daughter follows the daughters of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as they discover that they are half-siblings, and work with the daughters of other famous literary fathers to fight social norms and uncover the mysteries of their origins.  An interesting concept, though I fear it will be very heavy handed with the fighting social norms part.  Still a strong contender.

Finally, we have The Progeny, from the creator of Orphan Black.  This is an odd concept, following an amnesiac young woman who discovers that she is descended from the infamous Elizabeth Bathory, and apparantly that there is a secret society dedicated to wiping out all such descendants.  Based purely on loglines, this would be a distant fourth in the Supernatural companion show sweepstakes, but who knows how the whole thing would come together.

The CW is also looking at rebooting The 4400, the story of what happens when a massive group of people who disappeared suddenly reappear at the same time, showing no signs of having aged no matter how long they were missing.  Can’t say this sounds promising to me.

Fox is looking to partner up with Dean Koontz, adapting his novel Strangers.  The story follows a group of well, strangers, who struggle with things like night terrors, unexplainable fear of nighttime and a fear of the dark.  They are all tied together by some trauma they have repressed.  It certainly sounds creepy, but the question is what kind of legs would the series have once the trauma is uncovered?

Joe Hill, son of the often-adapted Stephen King, will be getting two of adaptions of his own to the small screen in the near future.  The graphic novel series Locke & Key, as I’ve discussed in the past, is finally getting the green light after two potential adaptations got stopped in their tracks.  The other adaption is of his prose novel NOS4A2, where an immortal being feeds on the souls of children.  Casting has begun on this show, including Zachary Quinto as the villain.

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