One, Two, Three, Four

The pattern that seems to knock on my door.

Not just once, but twice

Continuing to be my four leaf clover.

It guides me when I least expect it.

I always seem to subconsciously catch it.

Every day without fail, I see this divine source.

Though the image is still hazy,

It is as if I am looking through the veil. 

The day that proclaims me,

The day I quite look forward to seeing,

Almost as much as an Arizona fall evening.

Which I have had the pleasure of meeting.

This thoughtful and mindful soul

Who lies behind the white lace.

Sporting the most gorgeous face,

Giving my heart its final resting place

Silencing its aching beat.

Putting it in tune with natures song.

My heart producing the bass,

Complimenting the harmonic melody of the birds

And the tuneful chimes of the fall leaves

That play proudly with the incoming breeze.

This day shall give us great peace.

Keeping us warm and cozy

Just like the hand woven fleece.

Made from mother nature herself

It being the finest gift she has ever dealt.

This time has begun to give these words a beat of their own.

For they are the ones who truly hold the throne.

Holding more power than any king,

More depth than any ocean

And more soul than any human.

Published by Josh Sepsey