Some of the features that I look for in a toy are blinking lights, easily recognizable faces, colours, sounds, and that the toy be responsive to my actions. I found a toy that has all of that! Introducing the Star Bright Symphony by Baby Einstein. This cute little star is quickly becoming one of my favourite toys.

Baby playing with Baby Einstein Star Bright Symphony

Twinkling lights are so pretty!

The Star Bright Symphony is a perfect addition to my toy chest. It is just right for a baby at my stage of development and has all of my favourite features. It’s the perfect size for me to easily hold it with my little hands, and it’s not too heavy either.

There is a big yellow happy face right in the middle, surrounded by five fabric triangles. Each triangle is a different colour and they are perfect for grasping and chewing. They allow me to get a good grip so that I can shake the Star Bright Symphony. That’s very important because you have to shake it for the fun to really begin.

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When I shake my star, it plays music and lights flash in the centre! No complicated buttons to frustrate me. It doesn’t take much to get the Star Bright Symphony going. It is so much fun! If I get tired of making it go, mommy switches it to the second setting which makes it play music and flash the lights without my help. There are two volume settings too.

The people at Baby Einstein have gone the extra mile when designing this toy. There is a fabric loop as well as an easy Velcro tab on the back, which allows mommy to attach it to my crib or bassinet so that I can bat at it. It also attaches to the car seat for on the go entertainment.

Here I am demonstrating how the Star Bright Symphony works.

Mommy bought my Star Bright Symphony at Babies R Us. It was a bit more expensive, but mommy is thrifty and she managed to get it while it was on sale. Every dollar mommy saves is a dollar that can be spent on another toy for me.

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