I voluntarily received an ARC of Twisted Obsession: A Suspense Novella by Yawatta Hosby in exchange for an honest review.


Baby or no baby, Finia's determined to live life her way. Too bad that doesn't fit Miki's version of a happy ending. He owns her. No leeway. If she fights back, then he'll make her regret it. Miki will get his perfect family by any means necessary...


Twisted Obsession combines two of my favorite things: psychology and a great story. The characters in this story were easy to connect to and Yawatta's writing had me constantly waiting to find out what they were going to do next. Finia did frustrate me throughout the story. I kept wanting her to realize just how dangerous, obsessed, and crazy Miki is. 

I knew when I started reading Twisted Obsession the story would be short, but that didn't stop me from wanting more. I wish there had been more details in the beginning, instead of skipping such large amounts of time.




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