Since I was a young girl, the two most enchanting worlds to me were at the polar ends of earth: the ocean and the galaxy. One world is filled with myths, beautiful God-made creations, and memories while, on the contrary, the other world is filled with incomprehensible knowledge, questions, and history. As you continue to read on, I invite you to open your mind as you dive deep into the ocean and fly high in to the galaxy with me.


The Ocean

     When I speak of the ocean, I am not alluding to the typical beach ocean that people come to to get a golden tan or build sandcastles. Instead, I am referring to the vast area beyond the horizon where a gaze from the sand on the beach cannot capture. The ocean seems placid…serene…on the surface; however, by penetrating through several feet into the water, a whole new world is exposed. A world of mystery and fascination.

     Our 36,200 ft ocean is divided into five zones: Epipelagic zone (The Sunlight zone), Mesopelagic zone (The Twilight zone),  Abyssopelagic zone (The Abys), Hadalpelagic zone (the Trenches). It is beautiful how specific creatures are inhabited in each zone. The vibrantly colored creatures swim toward the top while the more odd/rough looking creatures lay at the bottom of the ocean. I tend to find morbid or slightly creepy topics interesting so I am particularly fond of the Abyssopelagic and Hadalpelagic zones (the two lowest zones). At that point underneath the water, sunlight is impenetrable, which results in nothing but sheer darkness. Darkness to me is the most thriller and ominous element in life, because you do not know what will be hidden or appear out of the darkness. Imagine a chill crawl down your spine if you were swimming in the Hadapelagic zone and looking downward into pitch blackness. As you look down into what seems like nothingness, a face slowly comes closer and closer to yours, where instead of a blur, you now see the face of a not-so-pleasant creature. That is the typical imagination I have had for 10 years. Every chance I got to swim in the ocean or lake, I would open my eyes downward into the murky waters and wait anxiously for a similar case to occur. The closest I had ever gotten to my imagination was seeing a sting ray swim closer and closer to me. I admit, being a 9 year old girl, I thought that that would be the end of me, because not to long ago, I had heard of the story of Steve Irwin’s death from a stingray.

Sea Travel Wallpapers The Eternal Darkness on Apple Ocean-99749891

     Mythologies… What can I say?  They are entertaining, dramatic, and strongly historical, and there are a wide variety of myths from all different cultures that encompass the ocean. Greek gods, such as Poseidon, have always been my favorite because of their link to the ocean. In addition, there are myths of sea monsters, for example the Leviathan, where no human can or had ever caught them in history. When most stories talk about sea monsters, the unique and intricate designs of the scales and body structure never fail to cause the readers to stretch their imagination as each person formulates a special image of the sea monster that is only known to themselves. Not only are there frightening myths about the ocean, but there are also extravagant ones such as (my favorite) Atlantis. It wasn’t until recently that I accepted the depressing fact that Atlantis does not exist, for I wished dearly that there was such a place. The fact that Atlantis does not exist does not discourage me. Never, because there isn’t a moment in time where I am not imagining myself living in Atlantis and hunting for sea monsters.


The Galaxy

     Infinite… This is the one and only word that is needed to describe the galaxy today. For hundreds and hundreds of years, the amount of discoveries and effort put in to explore our galaxy has only obtained us about 1/100,000,000,000,000,000 bit of knowledge out of the vast universe.All the questions I have and all the questions that can’t be answered float around in my head every time I gaze up into the night sky. “What’s on the other side of the black hole? Other than the finite portion man has discovered, how many more galaxies are out there? How is it that people don’t age in outer space?” And the most important of them all, “Why are stars so BEAUTIFUL?”

maxresdefault (1)

     From stories behind each constellation to a person’s zodiac sign, stars are beautiful in various ways. Like that moment when you look up into the sky and get lost in your thoughts as you mindlessly stare off in the night sky. Or that moment when you have the privilege of witnessing a shooting start dart across the extensive sky. It’s during those blissful moments when we sincerely express our thoughts and feelings from the heart, and shape them into wishes. It fascinates me how, by looking into the star filled night sky, random thoughts enter into our head. There are countless of times when I would start processing emotions that I had not given much thought to until I was gazing up into the night sky, all bundled up with a soft blanket around my cris-cross legged body. Along with aroused emotions, I can’t forget the sense of motivation it can give too. Whenever you feel trapped, depressed, or even feel like giving up, please take a minute to simply go outside and observe the stars. I can’t fully explain the feeling of encouragement you get from our shining friends, because everyone is affected differently. It’s as if the night sky is tailored to each and every person’s own emotions and thoughts to help induce different feelings that can only be felt/comprehensible by that single person.

     When Astronomers were establishing a name for a constellation, I am convinced that it took some serious effort to get their creative juices pumping in their brain, because some of the names given look completely irrelevant to the constellation. An example is the Canes Venatici (image depicted below).

canes-venatici     The two red dots are the two stars (Cor Caroli & Chara) that make up this constellation. The image that supports the mythological story behind this constellation is the image of two hunting dogs.

    Regardless of the occasional  irrelevancy, I encourage you to read through the myths behind each constellation and memorize each constellation structure so that next time you gaze into the night sky, not only will you emotionally be reflecting on your thoughts, but you can also replay the stories in your head with your own personal flair added in from your imagination as you have your eyes fixed on that one specific constellation.


Published by Luen xx