People keep judging us, but we just MIME our own business. Let me explain...

The other day I tried to reflect on where I am in life. It's so hard not to compare myself to others, but I find myself constantly doing it. Can you relate? Many of my friends have real jobs and have built real careers, where I have not. My family's path has been, let's just say, more unconventional than most. We have tried to "fit in" but we just can't bring ourselves to succumb to the typical approach to work in America by climbing some  corporate ladder. Our minds simply aren't wired like that. We feel crazy for wanting to create an income stream by doing what our hearts tell us. And they're telling us some pretty absurd things right now. People tell us all the time that we should write a book or that someone should make a movie on our lives. Who knows, maybe something like this will present itself soon. What I do know is that I just can't shake this inner voice telling me to keep speaking my truth. As crazy as it sounds, my intuition keeps telling me to share my experience and hope through my oddly creative humor.

So, without further ado, here's what my heart told me I needed to do this week - to dress up like a MIME and go to Sonic, of course. Here's how it all came about.


Once upon a MIME...

I used to sit quietly alone as a child in deep thought. Quietness was such a sweet treat and something I have always valued. Then, the other day I thought to myself, "Why don't kids like nap time or timeout? Don't they understand it is precious time to sit by themselves and quiet their MIMES? All they want to do is sit and watch TV and movies like A Beautiful MIME and Criminal MIMES  or play video games like MIMEcraft. Silence strengthens the soul and is completely free! Why don't they get this!?" My problem is that it is near impossible to get this elusive resource in the stage of life I am in with raising three kids. So I asked John to watch the kids while I went to a self-imposed MIME-out. I was able to reflect on how the power of meditation and prayer has helped throughout our marriage journey.  Prayer allows me to ask for God's guidance and protection, where as meditation allows me to be still and listen for God's responses to my prayers. As you probably know, God usually has a different plan than the one we are seeking. Like my dad once told me, "Man plans, God laughs."

Soon after my quiet time, after we put the kids to bed, the idea for this blog hit me - I am supposed  to write an honest blog about the internal struggles I have with not feeling accomplished, comparing myself to others and the importance of quiet time. As I explained this to John I jokingly said, "I think we should be MIMES to get our point across. That way we will be forced to be quiet and listen to what the heck we are supposed to be doing with our lives!"  John replied, "Sarah, you're crazy! It's perfect!" We both started cracking up at the thought of dressing up as MIMES to the point where I almost wet my pants. Whenever this level of laughter occurs we KNOW it is blog worthy content and we HAVE to do it. So we sent ourselves to MIME-out and went to Sonic to get a cherry MIME-ade and to see if they had a key-MIME pie shakes.

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We had a great MIME doing this! It's like they say, MIME flies when you're having fun! We know we're crazy, but we embrace it. God willing, you won't see us MIME-ing the corporate ladder anytime soon. Hopefully we will have many more opportunities to do crazy stunts like this. If you enjoyed this please share it on your social media pages.

As goofy as this skit is, I hope it provides you a sense of hope and peace that it's okay to embrace who you are; to say no to people in order to allow yourself some quiet time for reflection. I challenge you to simply spend 30-minutes by yourself in the next day or two without your phone, computer, TV or kids to clear your mind and receive the strength from above that you need to get through whatever challenges you're facing.

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