Two Types of Religion

There aren’t countless religions; there are just two types of religion. Many would say there are a lot but if you classify them then you end up with two types.

The first can be defined as the common things in all faiths. For example all faiths teach you to love God, not hurt anyone and see God in all. Every faith teaches you to be kind, compassionate and loving. The concept of hate only rises when one thinks their faith is bigger than another but in truth there are only two types of religions but there are countless faiths because even if they do it different; at the end of the day they do the same thing as the rest… pray to that one Lord.

The second type can be defined as how we are from the outside. There are some of us that wear a Turban, Topi and some of us wear nothing above our heads. There are different ways how we dress too… some wear Chola (Sikhs), Jubba (Muslims), Suits (Christians), Kippah (Jews), Dhoti (Hindus). All these are different ways we dress from the outside and pray to the same God but in different forms. There’s nothing different. Muslims pray 5 times each day and this can be said for the Sikhs too who have to read 5 of their Holy Scriptures in the morning or you can also say they have to wear the 5 K’s all the time.

It’s pointless having debates about which faith is better than another or which faith is correct. The terminology of different aspects of life may be different but loving God is not. If you say only through your faith, can, God be obtained then it’s like saying all the rest of the faiths are absurd because all they do is pray to God in different ways but because only your faith is right… what happens to them is they come back to this life again and again to suffer. It’s pretty much saying God can only be obtained through one path because even though another road may be a little bent, you will still eventually get to the same path. Faiths can be different e.g different faiths teach you different rituals and different ways of praying but in the end it all leads to only one thing…

Saying to someone that your faith is the junior class and our faith is the senior classwill obviously make more hate.

if you can’t see God in all… you can’t see God at all

Published by Harjit Singh