A seating area is a must to turn your outdoor space into a place for your utmost relaxation. A table and chairs is the most common choice, as well as some outdoor sofa and a table. But, yet there are other options, such as a bench. Benches can be found in versatile styles, so you will for sure find the right to fit in your yard. Here are several types you can choose from.


Pallet bench

Pallet furniture is one of the most common choice for an outdoor furniture. So, you can choose to buy a pallet bench or maybe even try to make one. Simply arrange the palettes in the way you like, whether narrow or curved. You can leave them like that or maybe repaint them. Add some pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable.


Planter benches

Planter benches are perfect choice for small yard, especially when you don’t have enough space to place planters and a bench separately. They are like a combo of seating area and place for growing plants. The built-in planters can be set on both sides or maybe only on one side.


Cinder block bench

Another DIY project you can try is a cinder block bench. You should use some wood for the seating area and cinder blocks for the sides of the bench or maybe for the bottom. And again you can add some cushions to make the seating more comfy.


Gabion bench

Besides cinder blocks, you can also use gabion to create a nice bench for your yard. Again the seating will be wooden and the bottom will be gabion - a wire and some white stones. You can even have two gabion planter boxes on both sides of the bench.


Storage bench

A storage bench is just another type of bench you can choose for your yard. It is perfect choice for small yard, since it contains a storage space. You can use this space to store versatile items, including garden tools, pillows, blankets, wood logs etc. The storage space can be underneath the seating area, or can be even a hidden storage space.


When choosing the right bench for your yard, you should first consider the space available and thus pick the right design and size to fit over there. The materials used will mainly depend on your taste, and you should always make it as comfy as possible by adding some cushions.



Published by Zachary McGavin