Before you chose a nice piece of a bikini top or bikini brief, you must know their types and the bodice that goes perfect with them.

Bikini Tops
If you have a large chest, the restraint should prevail when choosing, since feeling comfortable is the most important thing to look at.

Halter neck: It favors the great majority of figures, but especially it is advised for girls with a wide back and much chest. This season they take the top covered, as a short top.

Bandeau neckline: It is one of the most sensual necklines and with a bit of filling it is the one worn by those who want to give a look of a sensational bigger breast. On the other hand, if you have a wide back or a lot of chests, it is not recommended as it holds little. This season the bikini type 'cross Benda' can be an alternative, since it offers something more of subjection.

Triangle neckline: Feels good on medium to small breasts. For girls with little chest, these last two necklines decorated with ruffles or other details, will increase the impression of size. In addition, some bikini top incorporates push-up effect pads that favor any type of cleavage.
With hoop: The use of the hoop is ideal for defining the chest. Whether you have a lot or not, a hoop will delineate your cleavage.

Sport top: This model is very suitable if you like to go comfortably and, in addition, to look a more modern and youthful look. The back butterfly style is very practical, but keep in mind that leaves marks.

Bikini Briefs

The simplest panties and a little low waist are the favorites for girls who have a volume below the waist. The high waist is fine if your limbs are not long. The use of ruffles and ties in panties, always small, will compensate the legs and buttocks that do not stand out because of their size.

Wide bust: The best option if you have a narrow hip, wide shoulders and a little belly, as it holds more and comfortably covers the abdominal area. Ornaments such as fringes, laces, rhinestones and low-waist cuts create shapes in straight contours or with a little waist.

High waist: With a cut to the waist and just below leg, super pin-up style present this season. The high waist will hide your tri pita and give you a very sensual look.

Narrow bust: In case you are looking to prolong your figure with a special boost in the legs, the narrow panties is conducive to give a long sensation. If the lower part is also secured with loops, the effect of stylized legs will still be greater.

Brazilian Braguita: It is the perfect combination between braguita and thong. The front is wider but has a V-shaped back. A good option to feel comfortable and sexy at the same time with this Voda swim bikini bottoms.

Thong: Only suitable for the most daring women. To make you feel good, the firmer and more rounded your glutes, the better.

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