Sure, you might think that getting your entry done and improving its design are enough to make your property look astonishing. In reality, it will always be your garage door that can bring the right curb appeal. This is most especially the case if you are interested in garage door installation.

Since your garage door is one of the first things that people will notice, it is only imperative that you carefully consider a replacement. And if you are planning to replace your old garage door, then you have come to the right place. Here are some of the many different types of garage doors. Make sure to keep them in mind!

1. Sectional Garage Door

This is perhaps the most popular among all garage doors across the world. This garage door is made up of panel sections all connected together using hinges. As you open or close the door, the wheels found at the edge of these panels roll inside a vertical track, making the process a lot easier to perform. What you will love about a sectional garage door is the fact that it is low in maintenance. Even more so, you can customize it according to your preference. You can choose to add a variety of colours, different combinations of textures, or even install windows inserts.

2. Roll-Up Garage Door

Roll up garage doors are popular among many of today’s commercial applications. Interestingly, a lot of today’s residential properties are starting to install roll-up garage doors in their garage. Being a no-frills design option, this type of garage door is specifically designed for garage with limited ceiling space. You will appreciate the fact that it is built to effective withstand heavy usage. It is also the type of high-performance garage door without the need to add springs. Roll-up garage doors are known for their ability to steer clear from corrosion, freezing, and rust.

3. Slide to Side Garage Door

As the name suggests, this garage door tends to bend on one side of the garage and sit parallel to the wall. Believe it or not, Slide to Side garage doors were among the first operational styles and were even primarily built for garages with limited headroom. Unlike the aforementioned, this type of garage door can go away without any balancing spring. Even more so, it comes with a built-in retractable motor, giving you an automated process of opening and/or closing the garage door.

4. Side-Hinged Garage Door

If you want to give your garage an old-fashioned design, then you can always move forward with a Side-Hinged garage door. This one right here swings open and closes from a hinged frame, which takes place on either side of the door’s opening. Side-Hinged garage doors often have a similar look of barn doors, especially since they are usually made of wood. As far as those commercial-type Side-Hinged garage doors are concerned, they are built using galvanized steel. If you have limited headroom or your garage comes with a deluge of obstructions, then this classic garage door is your best bet.

5. Tilt-Up Garage Doors

There are two types of Tilt-Up garage doors, namely, Over Canopy and Over Retractable. The former is pretty the same with Side-Hinged garage door in the sense that it does not come with sections. Basically, Over Canopy garage door is made in one solid piece. Moreover, this type of garage door comes with a pivoting mechanism, allowing you to easily tilt it up into your garage. The door sits parallel to your garage’s ceiling, but it always extends past the front of your property when you open the door.

Over Retractable, on the other hand, tends to lift up and into the garage. And since this garage door is beautifully suspended from the frame, it does not protrude past the front of your property. Unlike Over Canopy, Over Retractable garage door requires more space and is usually more expensive. Furthermore, Over Retractable garage doors are proven to be more difficult to operate especially when compared to other styles like the ones mentioned above.

If you want to give your property a bump on its aesthetic appeal, then make sure to consider replacing your old garage door. You can move forward with any of the above-mentioned types of garage doors.

Published by Eric Foley