The days had gone when people used to live in the houses in which they did not need locks. In the cave ages there were no locks and doors, but these days you cannot keep the place open. You need to install the doors and the best locks to protect your place. Imagine you have to leave your family alone for a few days due to some reason, and your central door lock is not working. Your family will not be safe, and you will keep thinking about them all the time. Today we will share the types of locks that ensure the safety of your house and protect it from the intruders.

Types of locks:

You need to protect your possessions. For this, you need to install the high-quality Locks. If you do not have the high-quality locks, then anyone can break it quickly, and the intruders can enter the place. Whether it is your office building or home you need to install Locks. But choosing which type of lock you should fit is not that easy. If you do not have enough information about locks, then it becomes a daunting challenge to choose locks for the place. One thing that can help you in this regard is that you should not use commercial locks for home and vice versa.

  • Padlocks:

The most common type of locks is the padlock. You do not need to attach this kind of locks to the door. It is a portable type of lock that requires a key to open and shut it. You need the keys to unlock the padlocks. However, in some Padlocks, you do not need a key to close it. Also, you can change the cylinder of the lock and install a new one if the old one is not working correctly.

  • Knoblock:

Another common type of locks is the knob locks. These Locks are mostly used in the residential places both on the inside and outside doors. In these locks, there is a cylinder on one side. You can rotate the knob to open and close the door. But you need a bolt to make the door more secure.

  • Lever handle locks:

The lever handle doors are more comfortable to handle as you just need to push down the lever to open and shut the door. The lever handle locks are mostly used inside the commercial buildings.

Various types of locks are available on the market. You can pick any lock according to your need. But you need to think first that, do you need a more secured lock. If you are installing the door locks in the residential building, then you need more protection. Make sure that you have not selected the low-quality locks as it is the matter of the safety of your possessions and family. If the door locks are not working correctly, then you should immediately call a locksmith to fix the problem.


Published by Kimberly Smith