There are so many different types of witches, with their own cultures and subcultures in the witchcraft community, ranging from Pagans, to Wiccans, to Kitchen Witches, to Chaotes that it's quite astounding that there even is a community! Truly, the only actual commonalities are our shared ritual spell casting and our belief in magic. So without further ado, the types of witches and witchcraft paths (without including subcultures and in no particular order) are:

Types of Witches

Solitary- Practicing by oneself, not in a coven

Secular- Not connecting with dieties

Eclectic- Practicing with selected bits and pieces from other (witch) practices **Note: Eclectic witches do not create their own spells**

Theistic Satanic- Working with Satan in prayer and spellwork

Atheist/Laveyan Satanic- Working with Satan as a concept rather than a person/entity (can also be called Satanic Secular witches)

Hereditary/Blood- One born into the practice (like in any other religion)

Traditional- One who practices the old ways and traditions of magic

Religious- Magic preformed in conjunction with gods of other paths

Chaos/Chaote- A new form of magic, highly individualistic, wherein one uses belief as a tool to write and preform spells

Types of Magics

Green/Plant- focusing on plants in spellwork

Hedge/Astral- focusing mostly on mental or spiritual aspects

Weather- drawing energy and power from the weather, using the weather in spellwork

Cottage/Hearth- witchery focused on mundane or domestic tasks, also for loved ones

Technopagan- Magic worked through technology, magical apps, digital sigils, or an online Book of Shadows/Grimoir (Check my bio for mine!)

Elemental- magic or spellwork focused mostly on one of the elements in the natural world (most commonly Water, Earth, Fire, Air, and Spirit, but can be many different things)

Water- focusing on water during spellwork

Earth- focusing on earth during spellwork

Fire- focusing on fire during spellwork

Air- focusing on air during spellwork

Fey/Fay/Fairy/Faery/Fairie/Faerie/ect- working with fairies/fey/ect in one's spellwork

Spiritworking- spellwork done in conjunction with spirits/demons

Animal- focusing on animals in spellwork

Sanguine/Blood- magic dealing with blood or any life-giving fluid

Sigil- those who deal primarily with sigils

Bone- dealing with bones in spellwork

Astromony/Space- dealing with the stars/moon/horoscopes/anything derived from astronomy in their spellwork

There is also the option to just not follow a path and become a general practitioner or just have no type, all is valid. It's your path, practice how you want to practice. You can also pick more than one path to follow! You can identify yourself as any kind of witch, be it a Chaote, a Hearth Witch, a Satanist, a Technopagan, anything! For those who know: What kind of witch are you? Why did you pick that path? Good luck and happy crafting!

Published by Kalaeo Nox