The time is very almost upon us. After a difficult day of 200 party planning and vegan pizza cooking, I’ve only just made time to quickly pour out a few hundred words on the remaining Main Card fights – it is like 11pm here in England, and the prelims start in half an hour, so I beg forgiveness for any errors, no matter how inconsequential.

It is rare that the MMA community completely agrees with anything, but us common folk are in total disarray with confidently picking winners for these fights. They are complex match ups, and the context of the event must also be taken into consideration. Tonight will be an advent calendar of emotions and happenings. Together, across the world, we will unite to watch some real athletes, whilst we rub on empty calories through food and drink, and simultaneously burn calories through screaming at our televisions and jumping from our sofas. Well, unless it is a disappointment. Which it won’t be, you negative buggers. Or will it?...

Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar

A lot of the bookmakers have the odds for this fight even. Well done bookmakers. I must admit, thinking about the possibilities makes my mind throb and my fingers itch, and I would love to spend hours typing away on the minute details around this bout. But, it would serve little purpose. And Frankly, there’s no way Jose (lolol) I could write such an unbiased article. I mean, what kind of journalism would that be?

Reluctantly, I’m leaning towards Aldo. Though I’ll probably cry pure tears of joy if Edgar takes a step towards completing his featherweight narrative tonight.

Mark Hunt vs Brock Lesnar

This fight makes me happy for probably the opposite reason to most around the world. It isn’t the WWE crossover. It isn’t the return of the enigmatic ex-champion. Personally, the saga of Brock Lesnar never really intrigued me. It’s that a real warrior, Mark Hunt, is getting such a huge fight on such a huge stage.

However, I do confess I am very excited for this fight, and I do not think that a victory for Brock is out of the question. Can Mark’s takedown defence withstand the unfamiliar strength and style of Lesnar? We shall see.

Like many, I’m taking Hunt for the knockout. At times, you have to play it safe. But don’t be surprised if Brock surprises us all. Again.

Daniel Cormier vs Anderson Silva

(ah, what could have been...)

This is another fight (had I more time) that I would love to ramble on about for pages. Sadly, due to the circumstances around it, I haven’t had time. Unlike some, I don’t object it. Yes, you can argue that the UFC is relying on the past to mark their future, but you’d be a fool to not find this fight compelling.

I’m taking DC. Daniel Cormier should take this in convincing fashion, regardless of the aged genius of Anderson Silva. But who knows? There’s always the possibility that Silva will front kick the clock into pieces, and show us all once again why we call him the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. That’s the beauty of our sport.

For now, I shall step away from the internet, and take in all the glory of UFC 200. For me, it is still the ‘biggest, baddest’ card of all time. The little changes we’ve had have only sprinkled across some more experimental spices.

Enjoy it guys, it’ll be UFC 300 before you know it.

Peace, love, and all that nonsense,

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Published by Jamie Hammond