UFC 202: McGregor vs. Diaz Part 2

I picked McGregor in March. Just so you know where I stand with these two fighters.

And tomorrow, these two face off in the octagon again. You best believe these two know how to generate some hype.


          This past March, Conor McGregor promised another superstar performance against Nate Diaz, who he basically called an unworthy opponent. However, before McGregor could even realize what was going on, he found himself pinned down in the middle of the octagon begging the referee to end the fight as Diaz stole the show with a rear naked choke to silence the fearless Irishman. People were absolutely stunned at the result. It was even more impressive because just last December, McGregor dropped Jose Aldo in around 13 seconds to still be the reigning featherweight champion. Turns out Diaz was more than ready to face McGregor and blindsided the 5’9” champion.

Now, these two are about to face off once more and before the scripted face-off during weigh-ins, these two put on a show that turned some heads. Before every fight, for those who are not familiar with the sport, there is a mandatory news conference that both fighters must attend with their managers, coaches, and team to discuss their predictions about the upcoming fight. As you can probably guess, this never ends well. And this one was the prime example. As Diaz entered the conference, he immediately threw up both middle fingers at McGregor which obviously was not received well by him. They proceeded to curse each other off and then threw water bottles at each other. Yes. Water bottles. Dana White, the president of UFC, demanded an immediate end to the nonsense and issued ‘strong warnings’ and ‘heavy fines’ to both fighters. It probably didn’t register in either of the two fighters’ heads.

Conor McGregor is the biggest trash talker in all of the UFC. He usually puts his money where his mouth is as well and racks in the winnings after convincing wins against opponents. Despite the cockiness, it is hard to not admire Conor McGregor’s athleticism and peak shape when it is time to put on a show in the octagon. However, his downward spiral after losing to Diaz included a staged tweet he tweeted out saying he was going to retire. None of the publicity McGregor received was positive and people were not too happy during his five-month break from the octagon. As for Diaz, he has been prepping to take down McGregor once more.


Tale of the Tape

Conor “The Notorious” McGregor

Age: 28

Record: 19-3 (17 KO/Sub)

Height: 5’9” (175 cm)

Weight: 170 lb (77 kg)

Reach: 74”

Leg Reach: 40”


Nate Diaz

Age: 31

Record: 20-10 (17 KO/Sub)

Height: 6’0” (182 cm)

Weight: 170 lb (77 kg)

Reach: 76”

Leg Reach: 38”


          If you watched the fight this past March, you’d clearly remember a dominating performance from McGregor in the first round. Then, his mechanics and everything else became sloppy and resulted in his third loss of his professional career. This fight will come down to just how patient Diaz will be again with the fiery McGregor. If McGregor does come in guns blazing, he has shown he is nearly unstoppable. But, Nate Diaz has proven that he can not only takedown McGregor, but keep him down. This fight is scheduled for tomorrow, August 20th at 10 PM via Pay-Per-View and will be five rounds if necessary.

          McGregor is a slight favorite in this bout, but it could go either way. Will Conor McGregor reign victorious and silence the critics for his downfall? Or will Nate Diaz once and for all assert dominance and shut the Irishman’s mouth?


PREDICTION: McGregor by unanimous decision

I do believe that this fight has the potential to end in three or less rounds, but if McGregor is smart, he’ll come out swinging and methodically slow down the pace and let the judges score this one in his favor.


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Published by Luke Lee