Oh my God you guys, we have to talk about these shoe trends!

Let's begin...

1. The famous Crocs: 


I get that they are comfortable but they are super ugly! 

2.  Sandals:


  I don't really hate these sandals that much but whenever I see a girl wearing them I feel like she is wearing them just because almost every girl wears them. The easiest way to wear these sandals is by pairing them with a total black outfit.


3. Slip on sandals:


I have no words for these slip on sandals. I just hate them! 

4. Clear high heels/pumps:


Even Kim Kardashian didn't manage to look presentable while wearing these kind of shoes.

The only pair of clear pumps that I like a lot, are the Gianvito Rossi ones.

5. The granny flats:

Almost every girl owns a pair of these flats. They remind me of Tinkerbell shoes and let me tell you, I hate them as much as I hate the Crocs. 

Last but not least,

6. I don't know how these little monsters are called and I don't want to know...

I can't even believe that animals died and keep on dying for the making of these hideous shoes. Such a waste! I believe that Emma Watson wore them once. I mean don't get me wrong, Emma Watson is my Queen but these shoes were not a great footwear choice.


Let me know in the comments section, do you hate all these pair of shoes as much as I do? Would you ever wear them or do you already own a pair of these?

Thank you, for being you!

And don't forget: 

''People will stare, make it worth their while.''


Published by Soti You