by S.A. Prince

Black entitlement is a bittersweet subject for me. It is a conundrum of sorts with both sides of the dichotomy approaching each other's perspective as reprobate. On one hand, I certainly want blacks to be self-sufficient. There’s a certain undeniable pride that is associated with the “doing it yourself” process. It is also immoral to forcibly extract resources from one group and redistribute it among another, however, government intervention in the affairs of the private has historically been notwithstanding.

On the other hand, no other racial group in United States- other than whites- have shed more blood for its progress than blacks (Indigenous Indians suffered due to the United States’ progress, not for). If there’s any racial group that could be entitled, it would be blacks. This point can be double-downed, specifically when it’s considered that blacks have received no compensation whatsoever for their years in servitude, an existence that has undeniably proliferated the current black disenfranchisement.

So, it’s hard to judge the Black Student Union of California State University Los Angeles for demands made for a “safe place,” which is just a sugarcoated approach to suggesting a segregated environment. The Black Student Union made many additional demands of Cal State Los Angeles, including:

  • A $30 million scholarship to aid black students
  • Three new black faculty counselors
  • Anti-discriminatory policy
  • Racial sensitivity training for faculty and students

*Cal State Los Angeles has agreed to offer that “safe space” to black students, but any student can “technically” live in the new residence hall.

Don’t be fooled by appearances. This isn’t a victory for race relations. Yes, a demand was met, but will that earn longed for respect, the underlying Black Union’s goal hidden in between the lines? Respect isn’t given, it is earned. Conditions aren’t met, they’re bought (Hence, lobbying). We’ve created a culture within the black community where begging (demanding) for things is second nature. The ultimate issue with demanding concessions is this: the power that grants you a concession also has the power to take it away.

Being granted a concession from a power structure is like leasing a vehicle. The car is clean. The style is fresh. It drives well. Heck, you might even turn heads when you speed bye, but you do not own it. And…when you are not the owner, you are limited.

“Never be a minion, always be an owner.” –Charles Vanderbilt


  • An appropriate action for the Black Union would have been to procure funds to purchase residences near the Cal State LA campus. Those residences could have then been turned into affordable housing for black students, still creating the same desired outcome of an informed community. The only difference being that as an owner, the Black Student Union would have the controlling interest over the residence’s direction. 

Published by S.A. Prince