Chapter Two - It's Happened

From as early as 7pm on polling day, we had the BBC election special on. It wasn’t turned off until 11.30am the next morning, yes I had it on all night, for the moments of waking horror, to show me what was going on. Watching, with so much hope and promise, it was so exciting. I cheered at one point. Sad cow. The whole time I found myself shrinking into the sofa, whilst growing to busting point, the pressure was almost too much.

The Exit Poll on the BBC claimed a loss of a Conservative majority with the opportunity for a Hung Parliament. “Stop it Jeremy Vine with your exit poll!” I wish they wouldn’t show the Exit Poll while we wait, it created that gurgling feeling I was so worried about appearing, waiting in painful bliss to see Labour Party wins. At one point, there was a chance that Amber Rudd might loose her seat in Hastings…”John, John, John don’t even!” Unfortunatly she held her seat. Shame. For one of the first times, the Exit Poll almost had the results on the nose, who would manage to get enough people on side? We sat and we talked about how nobody wanted to join with the Conservatives, everyone had refused, OK it would have meant a multi player game for a Labour win, but the Conservatives don’t have any friends. Could we still do this? And then in true outsider style, in walks the emerald isle. Never in my life did I think an Irish political party would even dream of joining with any UK Government, but boy oh boy, that’s now the case. Never have I looked to Sinn Fein and thought, maybe we should ask them to help! Before I cry into my pillow about the prospects of the future we have ahead, I do just want to take a moment to congratulate so much of the country. The Liberal Democrats did well, the Green Party held seats and UKIP (UK Independent Pricks…sorry, Party) are still not allowed to play. The Labour Party saw a huge increase in votes, turnout and public engangement. I wouldn’t claim The Labour Party as my own, but I am so very proud of all the people who voted for Labour or the other party’s (not UKIP) simply beause it shows that not everyone is a dick after all.

Now pass that pillow for me to cry into please.

Theresa May, true to form, thought of no one other than herself after the resluts of this election. She doesn’t have a majorty, she needs friends. I thought The Conservatives were bad, but my god, their mates are worse! So much for not negotiating with terrorists… The Tories have called up their Irish nasties and asked them to make her King and they will want blood, maybe ever her soul in return. The nasities in question are of course the DUP or Democratic Unionist Party and they are crazy people. I was quietly content with the idea of a hung parliament and when L woke me to tell me that indeed a hung parliament had occured, I smiled, he laughed and then told me to enjoy my sleep and with that smile still on my face, I rolled back into the warmth and slept. I awoke to the mess we now appear to be in. For the next five years (unless thing’s get as bad as another election, or Queenie has to start choping off head’s), we will live under the rule of a Conservative governement held up by zealots. The DUP are anti LGBTQ+ rights, anti abortion, anti same sex marriage, have sexist leaders/members/MP’s, belive climate change is a ‘con’ (direct quote) and are a party formed with a religious (protestant) backbone, as if that wasn’t bad enough, the list goes on. I have family memebers who play a huge role in The Orange Lodge here in Liverpool, I would NOT EVER want them having a say in running the country. I find myself fearing for the wealfare of everyone over this next five years, there are certainly going to be an increase in protests and honestly, I’ll be amazed if at some stage we don’t see riots. The DUP have a scary level of control just becuase of how slim they now make the majority. There is a lot of talk at the moment, about how this may be a direct contradiction to The Good Friday Agreement (the agreement of peace between Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and the British Government). The worry is that by having the DUP sat along side the British Government that it might bring dangerous ideologies into the fold and disrupt the so incredible hard faught for peace we have today. There are also issues with Torie policies that when involving the DUP directly go against the agreement. Having done a small amount of reading up, it appears that the only political party in Northern Ireland (of that time) that didn’t agree to peace and calm was our new “friend’s” the DUP. A war lasting almost 30years and they didn’t want it to end in peace. I think that says everything really, don’t you?! I also wonder how they can breach an agreement they didn’t agree to…

There is so very much to be proud of in this election, friends who have never voted did and are genuinely interested in what’s going on. I was able to find a political party and a leader that I thought and do still think will make a huge difference to this country and the lives of those I love. No it’s not even close to the result I had dreamed of, not by a long way. Yes I am utterly terrified of what might come in the next five years (if a civil war of some sort doesn’t ensue I’ll be shocked). I fear for every person in this country but I am comforted by the fact that other than The Crow and her fanatics, every other seat in the UK House of Commons and in Parliament, has a bum on it attached to a human who gives a shit, who has a conscience and who cares even in the smallest ways about everyone else more than themselves. If the new flock think that they are going to have an easy ride with this one, I am sure they are much mistaken. My biggest worry though? Have you seen or read the Handmaids Tale at all? That might be the UK one day. Yes these people are that bad! Even my skill of living in trust might not get me through the next five years. I wonder where else we could live?




Published by Hannah Doyle