so i hosted UKRUNCHAT on Wednesday the 10th August 2016 and it was wicked.

UKRUNCHAT is a twitter page (that you should go check out) that creates a great socialising community for runners that can chat, tweet and retweet everything running.

two hosts get picked every week to throw out questions for the UKRUNCHAT hour. this week i was the host from 8pm till 9pm. it was brill i actually had so much fun. talking to people from all over the country and close by. i felt so happy talking to people about what i love and sharing questions and ideas.

so some of the questions i asked were;

  1. who is your favourite athlete?
  2. what is your favourite distance to run?
  3. whats your favourite event at rio 2016
  4. who likes ice baths?
  5. what races have you got coming up?

i did about 15 questions in the end, replying, liking and retweeting it was a very fast hour and so many notifications! i gained some more followers who are also into running which is fab and i can’t wait to do it again soon.

can you answer the questions above?
what questions would you ask?
are you a runner who would like to host?
go check out the twitter page!
leave comments below and tweet me i would love to hear from you @jaydyne_

happy tweeting
much love J x

Published by Jaydyne Overton