In the wake of the UK Government’s housing white paper, different sectors of the construction industry are seeking ways to take advantage of the improved attitude towards it. Where the Government has promised funding for construction-related innovation and the delivery of more efficient installation and delivery, the roofing industry has come up with a way to improve.

Led by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, new research has identified the importance of the roofing industry and ways to help it move forward at this crucial time. The research was funded by a group of roofing industry specialists and should provide a much-needed framework to achieve that.

“In home construction every element is essential, but if your roof isn’t the right material or fitted correctly other parts of your home will suffer,” said Assetgrove. “Creating a plan to support the roofing industry, both in the way skills are taught and raising its importance as part of the broader construction industry is a welcome move.”

Three Key Objectives

The research led the authors to select three key objectives that would benefit the future of the roofing industry. They are:

  • Establish the roofing sector as a professional, modern, respected and aspirational sector. Attract the best apprentices by offering clear paths to straining and working in the sector. 
  • Create a formal, standardized and UK-Wide training accreditation programme. This will ensure roofers have the right skills taught to the best standards and improve the standing of the roofing workforce produced from that training. 
  • Encourage all roofing-related businesses and companies to engage with each other. This can help ascertain industry-approved training to the high standard required. This could also help improve access to grants if the industry works together to formalize best practice guidance. 

“Where an industry can come together to improve working standards and create UK-wide standards for training and working practices, a sector such as the UK’s roofing one, can only benefit,” said Marylebone estate agent, Kubie Gold. “A clear best practice guide and code of conduct that’s shared by all accredited roofers would also give consumers peace of mind and make it easier for them to employ roofing contractors to undertake important installation and repair jobs.”

Modernise and Grow

Recognising and outlining a program of modernization is required to give the roofing industry a much-needed boost are only the first steps. Momentum must be maintained and action was taken on the details uncovered and agreed from the research.

The UK’s construction industry has a big job ahead of it and a more organized and improved roofing sector will be of huge benefit to the housing needs of the country. But, modernization and the delivery of the high standard of work on the large scale required, to create the one million homes the UK needs must also gain Government support too.

Home construction is made up of many parts, something that isn’t always recognized. Creating a system where funds are made available for roofing training and apprentices, will help the Government achieve its goals.

“The importance of the roofing industry needs more recognition, not just from the construction sector, but from Government too,” said Nationwide skip hire, Proskips. “By acknowledging that all areas of construction require their own highly skilled workforce is a great way to boost its standing and encourage a brighter, more able workforce.”  

Published by Joel Borthwick