We all have goals, aims and dreams. We all want to achieve something big in our lives. As a christian we all have one important goal whether we like it or not. That is to please God and live for Him alone, not going behind the world.

God wants us to be happy in all we do. So, no matter what we do or what we don't do, our ultimate goal is to live with Jesus. We need to prepare ourselves for the glorious coming of our Lord Jesus. So, when He comes, He'll find us blameless, good and faithful and permit us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

So guys, whatever you do and wherever you go, remember the ultimate goal. This world is not permanent. But work hard. Remember to show Jesus always in all you do.

If you are an astronaut or a doctor, an engineer or a teacher, a research scientist or a social worker, show Jesus in all you do. Just live for Him.  If you are a teacher, teach the students happily. Encourage them and show them the Way. For Jesus also did the same thing. If He has not taught us how to live, then we won't be able to overcome the devil's schemes.

Remember, our goal is to live with God eternally. Don't ever settle with the things of this world. You have a glorious world awaiting for you.

Hope this helps!

Be happy :) . Please God. Live for Him. Stay strong. Live your faith!

Have a blessed week! God bless!