There is nothing compared to having bright white teeth. People who are confident about their smiles can be satisfied in many ways in life like going on a date, cracking that job interview and having confidence in what they do and this is only possible when you know that you can flash that smile everyone will like. A great smile can bring various health benefits as well.

Having that fantastic set of white teeth doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a celebrity dentist or tons of professional treatments. You don’t even have to leave your home to whiten the teeth.

Here is a guide for ways to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home and you will have a brilliant smile in no time.

Diet plays a significant role in how white the teeth look

Certain foods and drinks discolour your teeth; here is a run down to them.

Acidic Foods – That glass of orange juice you take every morning might be healthy and delicious. However, the acid in it might wear away the enamel and dull your teeth. Acidic foods of all kinds take away the protective coating of the teeth which is naturally a shade of off-white or white. The more acidic foods you eat and drink, the faster the enamel will wear away.

Dark Drinks – Coffee, tea and red wine, are great ways to relax and unwind, sadly, they are not great ways to keep your teeth white. Dark drinks leave behind bad stains on your teeth and take away the natural whiteness of the teeth. You should avoid these dark drinks to help reduce the chances you will want to hide your smile.

Heavily Pigmented Foods – Some foods have the same staining properties as dark coloured drinks. These include blueberries, beetroot and curry spice. You may regularly brush and floss, but heavily pigmented foods can leave their mark. Eating these foods over time will leave stains and discolour the teeth and dull your smile.

You can whiten your teeth

Whitening teeth at home is pretty easy these days as there are various teeth whitening systems out there. These include toothpaste, rinses, whitening strips, chewing gums and teeth whitening gels as well as teeth whitening gel refills that you can use to get the smile you want.

  • LED Whitening

The blue light whitening kit like the ones you’ve seen celebrities endorsing on social media is a great at-home teeth whitening treatment. These kits come with a tray that is filled with the gel before using the blue LED light to activate the bleaching agent. Some LED whitening kits have a system where you can immerse the trays in boiling water and then bite down on them to mould them to the shape of your teeth while others have fixed shape trays to apply the gel. This offers advanced teeth whitening without visiting a professional. 

  • Bleaching Trays

Similar to the option above but without the use of LED light, you can find an array of OTC kits that use bleaching gel. These kits often come with an accelerator fluid that’s applied directly to the teeth before the gel is used. The treatment takes about 30 minutes per day depending on the strength of the gel. The treatment course runs for 10-14 days to get the best results. Active Smile bleaching tray kits are an example of one such product that features light accelerator to help whiten your teeth at home.

  • Natural Methods

There are also several natural teeth whitening techniques that are quite effective. These include coconut oil pulling, activated charcoal, home-made whitening pastes, mashed strawberries and apple cider vinegar. All these methods won’t give you a dazzling white smile overnight; they can be effective at keeping teeth clean and white over the longer term.

Hope this guide helps you achieve whiter, brighter and healthier smile.   

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