You might not believe this but a place as infamous as a brothel to have etiquettes that you should follow before you plan to visit it. Although the kind of manners you should show or the level to which you should maintain your class totally depends on the brothels that you visit. There are some of the best brothels around the world which could have standards way par your imagination. These places and the people doing business do not settle just for money, you need to have some ethics and manners that can woo your target and make them come with you.

Therefore, to make sure you get a nice score the next time you visit these best brothels in the world, below mentioned are some tips that can help you seal the deal and built you a reputation.

  • Keep it clean:

Irrespective of how classy of a place you are visiting tonight, the first thing the person will see is inside your pants even before you book them. If they find any chance of bacterial infection or some disease, there’s no chance that they will let you touch them. As this might infect them and leave them unemployed forever. You should also try to shave before you try to book a person so that you have high chances of getting what you have your eyes on. It’s necessary to take a shower before you come to book anyone.

  • Treat them respectfully:

Whatever be the profession, you are no one to treat a person badly even if you are paying them. Always remember that you are just paying them to have sex with you and not buying them forever. Therefore, treating them as humans, that is, and you must show your respect while you visit as a client at the best brothels. Treat them in a way that they don’t regret going with you and actually have a good time with you. Don’t force anything and make them comfortable. There might be some girls who would be quite new there at these best brothels and they could be really scared.  So you must communicate with them politely.

  • Decide:

There are men who show up even at the best brothels around and are not sure if they actually want to do something or just there to gawp at the girls. This is what the people there hate the most and might even set them off. It’s better to decide in advance before coming to the place.

Before you stare at those girls half-naked, put yourself in their shoes and imagine how you would feel. You would be creeped out to no limit and would take the other person as simple time waste. Avoid this and make your mind and stick to it and only then show up.

  • Make the deal and set the price beforehand:

If you don’t want to lose it in the middle of your game or even at the end, you should make sure to check on the money that she is going to ask you. If you intend to catch a fish from one of the best brothels around the world, the money they will ask would be a handsome bounty. You need to pay for it at any cost.

If you really want to have a good time at brothels of a high standard, these are the tips that you should never forget. Remember them by heart and you will soon be a stunner and the perfect gentlemen around your girls.





Published by Sam Larson