Every computer consists of several parts and all parts of them eliminate heat whenever the computer is switched on or is running. Several parts such as the graphics card or the CPU can get hot to the extent that you can use them for cooking. In every configured desktop or even a laptop computer, a lot of the heat is moved out of the case of the computer with many fans. 

If the computer does not remove the hot hair quickly, the temperature can rise, leading to several risks that can damage your PC. Needless to say, keep your system cool for gaming benefits should be your number one priority. And if you are a gamer looking for such suggestions, let’s assure you you’ve come to the right spot. Here are some tips that can help. 

Improved Air Flow

An easy and smart method to let your computer stay cool all the time is to give it some breathing space. This can be easily done by removing all obstacles that prevent airflow.

Ensure that every side of the computer, including the back, doesn’t have anything blocking the airflow. After all, most air flows are released from the back section of the computer. The back should be fully open whereas the other sides should be open by at least 2-3 inches. 

If you place your computer on a desk, ensure that the room’s door isn’t always closed. Your room can have more cool air if windows and doors are open. Keeping doors closed allows hot air to recycle within the desk, making the computer hotter while it runs.

Keep Your Computer Neat And Clean

To keep your computer cool, it is extremely important to keep it clean. Slowing down a fan can eventually make it stop. Dirt, whether it is in the form of pet hair or dust can easily enter your computer and damage it from inside. 

Experts say that dust gets into the several fans of your computer and gets stuck. To cool your computer, clean the inner fans first. Your CPU will have a fan on top and one inside to maintain the power supply. There are more on the back and front side of the case. Switch off the computer, open the case and then remove dirt from every fan. You can also clean all the dirt outside and let it settle in another room to avoid it from becoming dirty. 

Avoid Any Kind Of Overlocking

If you have no idea what overlocking is, you may not have done it which means there is nothing to worry about. However, if you do, do know that overlocking tends to push the computer’s capabilities to all of its limits. You may not realize but these small changes can have a big impact on the temperature that the CPU or any other components that are overlocked operate at. If you have overlooked the hardware of your PC, but you haven't taken precautions to let the hardware cool down, you can reconfigure the hardware to factory default settings. 

Use a water cooling kit

If you enjoy playing video games, make sure to have a water cooling kit, especially if they have CPU’s that are high end or have overlocked components. To solve the issue, several gamers like to go for water cooling kits as they can easily cool down the entire CPU. In every water cooling kit, a pump will cycle down cool water into the CPU with the help of tubes. Next, it pumps water out of the systems to allow cooling before it can return to the CPU for some additional cooling. If you are comfortable performing any technical installation, these water cooling kits will be affordable and safe. 

Try Thermal Paste

Many PCs can do better if quality thermal pastes are used. They are essential when it comes to proper temperature readings. Many thermal pastes also fill in spaces between components and heat sinks. The heat sink will distribute heat that is created by PC components and pass it on to the metal sheets. These metal sheets are then cooled down with the help of fans. If the thermal paste is of great quality, there will be more heat transferred between the heat sink and component.

 A thermal paste that is of low quality will stop performing its functions before the parts are heated up. Applying the thermal paste for a second time will cause the temperatures to take a dip. The thermal pastes can be applied to two different components. This includes the CPU as well as the GPU. It is much easier to apply the paste on the CPU instead of the GPU since the components can be easily separated. 


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