Motivation is hard to come by.

Most days,

I feel unable

to force myself to do the things I know I should but don’t want to do.

Being an adult means I have to do all the things by myself.

Which is fine and dandy some days,

but other days it’s not.

When the sky is gray,

and the ground is wet,

and I have no motivation,

all I want to do is lie in bed.

Hide in the covers

and pretend I have nothing to do,

no cares in the world.

When I was young,

everyone made growing up seem so great.

So good.

Everyone pretended they had their shit together.

They acted like they knew what they were doing.

For a while

I thought I was doing it wrong.

I thought I was a failure,

an idiot,

a fool.

Turns out,

they were just good liars.

Growing up isn’t particularly great or good.

It’s difficult

and stressful

and tiresome.

There are moments when it’s easy,

but life is full of those moments.

Growing up has the potential to be good

as long as you have enough motivation.

But again,

that’s life.



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Published by Kristina Hemmerling