July 9, 2016

Hello Beauties,

I ordered my first Sigma products this past Monday.  They had a sale going on and thought this would be a good time to get something new.  I received the package yesterday and I opened it up today!  Take a look at what I got!

Sigma Warm Neutrals eye shadow palette

I greatly enjoy a great neutral palette. When I opened this up, I knew I had to try it out today!  It has 12 eye shadows, a combination of matte and shimmery colors.  I love the black packaging with the "Sigma" logo. It's compact, sleek and stylish.  The perfect size for easy travel.  

I tried it out today and loved the color pay off and how easy the colors blend.  It is currently Sigma's best selling palette and it's $39.00

Sigma Express Brush Cleaning Mat

This might sound crazy, but I enjoy cleaning my makeup brushes.  Is that weird?? After watching the youtube video on how to use the cleaning mat, I was curious to try it (it comes with written instruction).  The mat has various ridged surfaces for washing and deep cleaning face and eye brushes. I did use it today on three of my face brushes and I would said that it did a good job getting my brushes clean.  I want to wait until my brushes dry, (when I wash my brushes by hand, I can tell that they didn't get a deep clean because the color of products used run down to the tips during the drying process)  and try it again one more time before I give a full review.  (I smell  future post!)  It is also a best seller on Sigma.com, and it was 32.00.

Deluxe Sample Lip Vex-Tint

I believe that spending $30 or more gets you a free gift.  Who doesn't love something free?!  I got Lip Vex in the shade Tint.  I'm not a hug lip gloss fan, but I sorta like this one.  It didn't have that sticky feeling that some lip glosses have and it smelled yummy.  Sigma has other free gifts when you spend even more; $50 or more gets you one of their mini brushes, $100 or more gets you one of their precison brushes, a buffer, or a "I wake up for makeup" glam bag, $150 or more gets you a brush cup holder (various colors) or a white brush case.

Final thoughts

Sigma has fast shipping, great motivations to spend more, and the price is not too bad, especially when they're having a sale.  And as with most companies, you receive a code for 10% off when you sign up with an email.

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