The pathways in our heads can become clogged and it weighs us down.

When we do something we often have a feeling of elation and when we allow fear to hold us back it gives us the opposite feeling.

When we have all these unstarted tasks in our heads it clogs up our thinking, it physically drains us and it feels like a weight on our shoulders.

It is a downward spiral.

I do a daily writing journal using and by writing at least 750 words each day helps to create more space in my head for working on other things, it unclogs the pathways. It get’s all the clutter out of my head.

The exact same happens with action on other tasks too. It takes away all that clutter in our heads that are filled with over-thinking and fear. It releases huge energy, you feel lighter and ready for new ideas, thoughts, and actions to take place.

Clear the path to create a space that can be used for the next important thing. Without space, you will be stuck with all the clutter of hesitation, fear, regret and over-thinking blocking your progress.

Choose elation over fear, clutter, and no space for new things in life.

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Published by Philip Dodson