OMINOUS CLOUDS BLOCKED  all light from the moon. Lightning lit up the sky and thunder boomed almost instantly—another Texas thunderstorm. dark clouds, storm, rain, rain clouds, desert rain, thunderstorm, The black night darkened when flickering street lights went out. The wipers swished back and forth furiously while horizontal rain pounded the windshield of our ’89 Pontiac Parisienne. The howling winds drowned out the radio, as our car inched on down the winding road. Suddenly, something appeared in the road ahead of us. The car screeched to a halt when my husband slammed on the brakes. I noticed in the glow of the headlights a little girl drenched by the downpour. Jumping out of the car, I quickly approached the girl saying, “Hi Sweetie, where is your mommy?”

“Mommy’s gone . . .” she whimpered, tears mingling with the falling rain.

My heart raced. I tried to figure out what was happening. Had there been an accident? Broken glass littered the road but no car. Who is this girl? Where are her parents? Why is she standing out here in the rain? I wrapped my arms around her trying to comfort her. A fierce need to love, protect and care for this child overwhelmed me. Where am I? When will this torrential rain storm cease? What do I do?

“Take this child. Take care of her. She is for you. I place the lonely in families,” a deep voice responded.


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Published by Delana