I’ve read many stories in which mother birds will protect their young by spreading their wings over them and shielding them from the danger, whether it be rain, heat or an enemy.  I even read one account where a mother hen protected her chicks in this manner during a fire.  The mother died from the flames but the chicks survived.  Many parents will protect their children with similar love.  They will sacrifice much to ensure that their children are safe and will survive.

    In Psalms 17:8, King David is requesting of God to “Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings,”. (KJV)  The Hebrew word for ‘keep’ can be thought of as hedging around with thorns.  The Hebrew words translated as shadow and wings have interesting meanings.  Shadow can also mean defence and wings can also be translated as an extremity of an army.  When God reaches out to protect us, it is not simply by hiding us under His wing, but putting a impenetrable hedge around us that is comprised of His army.  When we put ourselves under His protection, we are safe.

Published by Ray Richards