Cat Behavior

Wildcats in reference to tigers, lions, leopards, and jaguars are very large and scary. But the feral and domestic cats are small and cuddlesome. Some cat breeds make excellent pets in rural and urban areas. Although they are domestic cats, people are not always comfortable with them in the vicinity. Cat enclosures are a great solution for relieving worry and anxiety. This is suitable for quarantined cats as well to keep them safe indoors until they get vaccinated. This enclosure gives them an excellent place to relax, and they also feel very safe in there.

All those who want to pet furry cats have to know these basic traits

  • They are not like dogs and do not always look up to humans for approval or love.
  • Their behavior can be misunderstood as disregard for a human.
  • These cats love spending time in the outside area as they like breeze.
  • The timid ones have a fear of predators and need protective cat enclosures.
  • Not all of them enjoy being put on a leash and taken for a walk around the corner.
  • They enjoy simple pleasures of life like watching birds and sleeping in the sun.

Indoor cat enclosures

Indoor cat enclosures are also referred to as catios used to keep cats safe indoors. These cat enclosures are a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor areas. Some aggressive cats like to chase and attack garden pests and birds. Well-designed cat enclosures keep them happy and give the owner some peace of mind. It is not possible to keep an eye on the animal during day and night. So these enclosures are designed that have good ventilation and thus allow cats receive healthy air and sun. Small or large catios can be designed from scratch for all locations.         

The choice between an indoor or outdoor site is very tricky and tiresome. Both locations have their pros and cons. Fixing some cat enclosures inside the home may seem redundant and odd. Most of the indoor fixtures can be found at the vets and care centers. However, cat owners can depend on quarantine cages for these reasons.

  • If there are multiple pets in the house and they do not always get along well.
  • Same species do not co-operate if they have to share the open territory.
  • Contagious diseases and sickness can be kept away by using the catios.
  • Bad behavior like knocking down objects and scavenging in bins can be tamed.
  • New cats and young kittens can be quarantined and gradually introduced to others.

Outdoor cat enclosures Benefits

The furry and colorful cats do not always enjoy the indoor spaces. They require fresh air and want to play outside for some time. The outdoor cat enclosures allow for the healthy dose of sun. However, before installing these enclosures, there are some installation tips to be followed recommended by experts.

1. Flexible Nets

They are easy to set up, maintain, dismantle, and store. The basic fixtures have expansion slots for future use. If there are more pets on the cards, then the owner just has to add a tunnel or two. These enclosures are suitable for milder and friendlier cats.

2. Wire Mesh Frames

The rigid catios are sturdy and can restrain the aggressive ones. They can be fixed permanently, and the cat has no escape routes. Largely sized enclosures can have designer elements. Perches, condos, and hanging toys are to be hung for the pet to have fun.

3. DIY or Carpenter

The crafty handyman is a safer bet for high quality cat enclosures. They plan and implement the entire structure without comprising security. The cages will be flawless, and space is optimized as per customer’s specifications.

Published by Joel Borthwick