When I think about the planets in our solar system and all the stars and galaxies in space, my mind just spins.  They are all constantly moving, yet everything seems to be in some sort of balance.  I know gravity has a part in holding everything in place, but I really don’t understand that.  I know what it is and can explain it, but my mind does not really comprehend it.

    It’s the same with distances in space.  I can explain and understand distances of thousands of light years, but my mind really does not comprehend it.  My lack of understanding does not diminish my awe at how it all works and the grandeur of it all.

    I look at God the same way.  The enormity of God is more than my mind can comprehend.  His love for me is something that is beyond my understanding.  His majesty surpasses anything my mind can fathom.  But again, my lack of understanding does not diminish my awe of Him and the grandeur of His Being.  I think of Him and my breath is taken away.

Published by Ray Richards