SEO has become integral to the overall success of a marketing strategy, and business owners have accepted the importance of this. However, not all business owners understand how the real cost of SEO works. How is SEO calculated in 2018? And what is the average cost like?

A few years ago, things were slightly different. Web owners could outsource SEO cheaply which would include article and directory submissions. However, gone are the days of having a haphazard SEO strategy that produces no proper results. In order to increase your website ranking, SEO services should include more than submissions. Optimizing for user experience, speed and creating in-depth content should all be part of the SEO package.

A majority of SEO companies in Dubai will charge within the range of $1500 to $2,500. A few years ago, SEO services were being obtained at $500 per month, however, this is no longer the case. Real SEO costs with long-term and productive results will cost more and website owners should be aware of this fact.

But, since Google has introduced several updates that SEO agencies must adhere to, the role of an agency itself has changed. SEO often relied on backlinks more than content. And less than credible SEO agencies would obtain backlinks in less than honest ways. Now, SEO relies more on content, and Google penalizes websites that display inauthentic backlinks.

Here are some of the additional roles that fall under a SEO agency.

- Research done on producing comprehensive content

- Video content creation

- Press releases and outreach for links

- Technical search engine optimization

Many SEO providers are adding more and more creative services which also include digital marketing campaigns. A good SEO agency will offer web development, keyword research and mapping, campaign tracking, website monitoring and evaluation.

If your website is receiving all these services, then you should know that a SEO agency will not charge just $400. Most often, agencies that charge low fees are unscrupulous. And you will not be getting the best end of the deal. The quality of services will be considerably low.

The common billing method is to pay a monthly retainer fee rather than an hourly fee. Web owners continue to obtain cheap SEO services because they don’t know what goes into a real SEO package. When choosing a SEO provider, here are some things to consider.

Do not be taken in by instant results. Even the best SEO agency on the planet cannot offer this. Real SEO takes time, so learn to be patient and you will soon see the desired outcome. Your SEO campaign may take a few months to deliver the best results.

Be wary of a large quantity of links. It is not possible to obtain organic and high quality links in large quantities. Many times, these providers may be using less than credible tactics to buy links and your website will soon get penalized by Google.

SEO agencies do not have magic powers. They must work hard and make a considerable effort to produce good results. Be aware of their credentials and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

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Published by Kristin Perry