Day 22. 6 more days left of my 28-day raw diet detox from Athony William's book, Medical Medium. I chose this detox as a way to kick start my healing from multiple sclerosis and live as healthy as possible. Has it gotten easier as the month has gone on? Yes and no. I still mourn the loss of comfort foods. In their place though some unexpected joys have taken root.

Hotlanta is not so hot. Eating smoothies in the morning and then having all other foods throughout the day at room temperature or colder has definitely brought down my internal temperature. I picked a perfect time of year to do this detox. Atlanta is HOT in the summer. And here I am outside soaking up the sun like it's going out of style wondering why everyone seems to think this place is so torturous in the summer. (I do get funny looks walking outside with my sweatshirt on. I try to remember to take it off when I go out.)

New foods, y'all!! Yeah, I really don't talk that way, but it felt very fitting for this next point. I am trying all sorts of new foods and new ways to prepare these foods. It's so cool and fun! I'm planning on making an orange and cactus pear juice this afternoon. And, I am pureeing and pulsing foods I never thought to try. Up next: dehydrator! Whee!!!!

I have a desire to eat mostly raw when the 28 days are up. Whaaaaattttt??!!! Yeah, that's what I said too. It just tastes so good and the only time I really struggle is at night. Apparently I'm not the only one. There is actually such a thing as vegan after 4. I can totally get down with that. What about meat? Hmm, yeah. Funny how I don't even think about it anymore. I'm more excited to reintroduce beans and nuts then care about any meat. Seriously, did that just come out of my mouth? Who am I?

Online raw community. I know I mentioned the community in this post but it bears repeating. The raw community is incredible. I've joined groups on facebook, started following a few blogs, but the raw social community I love most is YouTube. There is a woman that makes a raw freaking pizza. And, it looks AMAZING! Come on!

Healthier family. My boys (9 and 6) love, love, love fruit. They are so excited that now they can eat just as much as they want. 9 year old has a smoothie every morning and 6 year old eats peaches, nectarines and apples like they are going out of style. It's fantastic. Not to mention, hubby has been making the dinner menu for the 3 of them for the past few weeks and (don't tell him I told you) he even included one meatless night a week! This. is. HUGE.

It's easier to pack. No worrying about snacks needing to be refrigerated. No fretting over whether my lunch will stay hot/cold. Just pack up a few pieces of fruit and wala (there's that word again, still don't know how to spell it) you're all set for your outing. How easy is that!

Do I think it's going to be easy to maintain this mostly raw, mostly vegan lifestyle? I sure do hope so. I am doing my best to give myself the tools to be successful. I know I like the foods and I know I like how they make me feel. I know I am ready for a change from my yoyo dieting of feeling healthy/not healthy. I know I am ready to love my body and treat it with the respect and grace it deserves. That I deserve.

Are you a raw foodie? A vegan? I'd love your advice and tips as I embark on this new lifestyle!

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