i was coated with dark velvet and white satin
the colours of our permanent union
he looked as sweet as cake and candy
his gaze at me with the candles burnt

i was in my beige shirt and skinny jeans
i’ve forgotten my childhood dreams
i see him leaving me for the seams
why am i left with scars on my skins

i was covered with nothing
the sensation of his cold touch
it was the first time i’ve felt such
do i enjoy to be hurt and to be loved

i was draped in camo green
waiting for my destination
in a modern, moving construct
do i still have time for love

i was in white and black (or grey)
holding onto dreams of uncertainty
in a modern, moving dream
do i still have time to change my mind

i was innocent and evergreen
the name of my school
letting time flow in uncertainty
do i know about the right time

i was in white and brown
oblivious to the peers of my level
and the appearance of ours faces
do i know what time is

i was as blue as my tears
the fear of being alone
and the stains on my pants
will i ever get home?



Published by Affiq Abdul Rahim