I had one of those Brilliant nights just the other night.

I suspect that either you have Regular Migraines or each of us do have some kind of affliction.

That said, most have kids and thus, they tend to fall ill when you’d least expect it…

Not to mention, if you’re Married and have a Partner, that might as well be where this can go.


Now then, as I finished work, I could feel this Uninvited Guest wanted to come visit me.

It was light and I suspected I could be really LUCKY if it passed.

The longer the afternoon passed the less Likely this turned out to be.

Eating early and getting some Headache tablets in me, didn’t do the trick either.

Not that I believed this would be the case.


Now then, if you do have a Loved one, whoever it might be – you can see them getting worse and know for a certain fact that no matter what you do;

Most of the time the body will have to heal itself.

The main factor in this would end-up being TIME…


I dropped into bed just after six.

THIS is really early for me!

That didn’t help either, as you might surmise…


No matter how you lie, there’s just no way you can feel any better.

No matter what you do, there’s just no way that it lets up at all.

No matter how much anyone wishes you better, there’s just SOME things in life we’ll just have to endure and get through.

(DO NOT miss-understand me, if ANYONE comes alone to Hold your Hand or Wish the best for you – let them, for you COULD always be alone in this!)

After you do feel better, Kiss them, Hug them and Say Thank You.


I woke up at almost hourly intervals.

I let the music on the PC play and did somewhat of a trick, letting me drift off –

Waking every hour or so – didn’t really Care or Want to look at the time;

I did know that time wasn’t passing fast –

NOR was the Migraine leaving me.

It wasn’t intense, IT Just Had To Constantly Knock At The MIND’s Door.

Thus, each time I did wake, not feeling particularly better;

it was still there saying HI!


I got up and HAD to look at the time…

It was just past Nine and I didn’t have much guts for the Night to come.

I believe that many had been here as well, HOPING beyond everything that things will turn out better and Praying that it could come.

Everyone falling ill does feel Horrible;

Worse than that, Looking on as a Loved one feels this way is the Worst!



As you’ll know it,

I woke FIVE to Twelve and couldn’t Fool myself anymore.

It was better to the point I now had to Tire myself out to actually SLEEP!

This was easier Said than Done!

What is the best way of keeping you going;

For me that would be Coffee.

Mixing Three flavors and getting to Twitter of all things. . .

Yes, there were enough messages and notifications to respond to.


At just past TWO in the morning I was Nicely worn-out and able to get to bed.

THUS, I do take my hat off for anyone whose raised Children have more than one night like this.

Even if you’ve only got Pets (Children) or your Partner goes through this kind of irritation.


Never Ever can it be Any

n… i… c… e…

For anyone out there.


Good Luck to you all!

Published by Cobus Vermeulen