Who doesn’t love a well decorated and more importantly cosy and comfortable bedroom? You can keep your bedroom untidy or you can choose to add some beautiful decor hacks that are not only handy, save space and add a nice touch to your cosy bedroom decor.

You bedroom is your place of comfort and each and everyone would want to decorate their own bedroom in their own way. If you want to diligently say and truly believe in the idea of decorate my bedroom to make it cosy and comfortable, then here are some tips and decor options that you can always use to make sure that you have that perfect room in the house where you love to spend hours on end:

  1. One of the most important things that you can play around with when decorating your bedroom is one single wall. You can turn the wall into a large chalkboard. This will certainly be a very colourful and exciting input to your room. Keep a duster and beautiful coloured chalks at your place all the time and you will be able to scribble, doodle and do whatever you like on your very own “wall”. Sounds nice, right?
  2. Another option that you can try out is keeping a large wicker basket in your room. Not only do these look really pretty but you can also use them for storing clothes that lie about here and there in your house. You can pile them up neatly inside or keep the dirty ones and then give them out for laundry. Wicker baskets have a charm of their own, that is hard to miss. Cover it with a nice lace or colourful cloth to add more colour and elegance to it.
  3. We always run out of sitting places in a small bedroom. There is often not enough room for chairs, let alone storage space. So a smart option that you can fall back upon are storage stools which are small and come with both storage and sitting place. you can keep some clothes inside it and then close the lid and use it as a tool. Get cool cartoon design or Aztec printed stools since they look bright and colourful.
  4. You cannot ignore the importance of lights when it comes to redecorating bedroom. Corner standing lights with a muffled glow looks lovely during the night. You can use lamps of colourful handmade paper since the diffused glow that it has certainly adds to the beauty of it. You can also use rice lights to decorate your room.
  5. Make sure that you have a nice standing mirror and a couple of quirky posters in your room. They give a flavour of preference and thoughtfulness. In fact you can also decorate these with lights or any other innovative ideas that you can come with. If you can afford it then do get hold of dressing table mirror that comes with studio mirror lights to give a glamorous feel.

Now that you know these awesome bedroom decor hacks, it is time to get to work!

Published by Zac Ferry