5 things that only our family can do to us!


   A united group bonded by the shades of love, care, respect, understanding and concern – family is our first connection in life. While nurturing and preparing us to face the world, our family plays a significant role. From parents that raise us into responsible individuals to grandparents that shower unconditional love, from siblings that bond as our best friends since childhood to uncles and aunts that radiate feeling of togetherness, family is a blessing for our heart and soul. By standing with us through challenges, troubles, insecurities and weaknesses, our family always strives to bring out the best in us. Nurturing our strengths and eliminating the weaknesses seem to be their hidden agenda, as family is all about being there for each other.

     Picking up this topic for the article was certainly the easiest job ever, as this gift called family has so much to write about! While thinking about my very own troop and framing words for the same, there was happiness and joy all around.

    Be it a small nuclear family or a big, joint one, every family has its unique set of interesting members. Though education, career or business may keep us away from our family, it cannot erase the strong bonds of love and affection. An invisible thread attaches every member of the family, no matter which part of the world they reside in or which corner of the globe they work on.  Family reflects the amount of happiness in our lives. By staying together through thick and thin, they promise us unconditional support always. As companions in joy, sorrow, excitement, surprise, pain and uncertainties, a family stays as a close unit.

  From unique jokes that can make the entire family laugh to occasions of celebration and enjoyment to bring them all together, from serious decisions that need the participation and involvement of every member to significant plans for the future, wide range of moments enter into a family. While sharing happiness or wiping tears, while showering encouragement or displaying excitement, as all come together under the common banner of a family, life gets interesting in every way. With passing years, as we realize the true value of love, we are able to appreciate the importance of family into our living.

    Family is the only part of our life that can bring certain unique factors on the way. As they hold a great influence in our journey, their encouragement, motivation, support and love means a lot to us. By showering us with selfless support, they never expect anything in return. Such is the magic of a family that never demands or expects, offering true opinion and unbiased decision. The thought of being there for each other smoothens the course of the journey. As members of a family, it is extremely essential to harbor the factors of sacrifice and compromise. By keeping the needs of the family above our own, we can pave way for more love, bonding, affection and togetherness.

   As no one can love us more than our family, let us look at the 5 unique things that only a family can do to us:


1.Shout, irritate, rage yet love at the very next instant…

     A very common aspect that each one of us may experience in life, only our family can shout, irritate, display anger, scream yet manage to forget everything within matter of minutes. With an aim to point our mistakes or bring out the best in us, while our dear members may engage into anger, their feelings are totally pure. Born out of naughtiness, as family members tease or irritate each other, the motive is nothing but plain fun. Within no time as the anger fades away, the feelings of love and care resurface back into the picture.



2.Criticize and spot mistakes, but no offense at all!  

    As the primary aim of every family is to develop, progress, grow and move ahead, members often engage into highlighting errors and acting as perfect critics. By being honest about their opinions, family members can create scope for improvement. A family never believes in false praises and incorrect advice, rather they believe in voicing their true observation that can help in the long run. Be it cooking skills or manners and habits, be it work ethics or a new hobby, family can bring out the best, yet never offend each other in the process.



3.Companions always

    Family members always keep the interest of others above their own. By participating in common activities, united ventures and group efforts, every family strives to strengthen the bond. Though a member may not be interested in a particular movie or may differ from the idea of holiday fun activity, every single component in the unit works together for the interest of others. Family life is about companionship and association, beyond individualistic desires.


4.Protect and safeguard

   Family translates into unity, support, bonding and attachment. As strong supporters of love and affection, family members protect each other through every trouble. Though some tasks demand our attention alone, our family offers strength of their love always. By protecting and safeguarding us from the wrong intentions of others, our family will definitely fight for us.


5.Disagree yet agree to stand together

     We all have our share of misunderstandings and differences of opinion with our family members. As individuals we may believe in certain factors that may not be the same for our fellow teammates. As a family, these difference of opinions and disagreements can never influence the equation between its members. Though each one may have their own thoughts and ideas, the overall love of the family never changes. Respecting each other and giving adequate space and freedom is the bottom-line that matters.


These are few of the unique features of a family that make it so special and precious all through the journey of life. Respect, love, appreciate and enjoy with your family, after all they are always there for you!


Published by Lavanya