Beach. Rustic. Vintage. Winter Wonderland. Yawn!

Are you struggling to commit to a plain old traditional wedding with the same tired themes?

Unique people like you and your partner do not have to succumb to the classic white wedding when there are so many clever and fun themes out there.

These themes can come from many places, but the most fun ones are definitely from TV shows, whether they top the charts or not. Check out these seven themes from some fan-favorite show, and how you can incorporate them into your unforgettable wedding.

1. Dragons

Dragons are HOT.

And not just literally; ever since Game of Thrones hit our screens, people have gone gaga over anything involving dragons, swords, and thrones. And though weddings never seem to end in bliss (they lean more towards bloody murder), many couples opt for a GoT-themed wedding. Check out this MASSIVE guide on Game of Thrones weddings. It even incorporates survival tips from characters and cast members!

Get some medieval cutlery, some badass jewelry, and extravagantly embroidered dresses. From dragon scaled table cloths to fun photo booth props, the possibilities are endless.

2. Space

Space is a pretty basic base for a theme. You can take it in whatever direction you want. And what popular TV show is the best to take space inspiration from? Doctor Who.

Decorate your venue with galaxy paintings and glowing stars. Have dishware with planets patterned on it and serve freeze-dried space food as appetizers. You could even make the front door look like the TARDIS (after all, you do need something blue). If you want to get really into it, have all the guests or the serving staff dress as characters from the show.

3. Royal Wedding

Perhaps people won’t line the streets for miles to see you walk down the aisle, but you can still try for all the extravagance of a royal wedding.

Whether you want your wedding to be like Elizabeth and Philip’s at the beginning of The Crown or skip the fiction and rewatch William and Kate’s or Harry and Meghan’s TV wedding specials, you can surely make it a grand event.

Wear tiaras and expensive (looking) jewelry, maybe even a Diana-sized ring. Give your cousins a competition to see who can get the best picture at the wedding, making them the “press” for the night. Have guests dress according to the royal wedding fashion guidelines and see who can bring the best hat. And of course, if you can manage to book a castle chapel for the ultimate destination wedding, that will really set the tone.

4. Baking

While not the clearest theme, it can certainly be plenty of fun. If you take inspiration from the hit TV show, The Great British Bake-Off, your dessert table will be out of this world delicious. Ask your guests to participate in a baking contest to see who can bring the best dessert for the wedding. The winner gets a prize. (Did somebody say free drink vouchers for the night?!)

If you want to go all out, you could track down old contestants from the show and see if any have bakeries near you to cater to your wedding cake.

Of course, this theme isn’t just about food and friendly competition. This theme opens up a whole door for decorations. Take this opportunity to bring out your inner baker personality. Make pies the centerpiece at each table. Have chairs that look like cakes. Have your wedding party wear aprons for a couple of pictures. A delightful theme like this can make your wedding the tastiest in town.

5. Singing Competition

From the X Factor to Pop Idol to Britain’s Got Talent, we all have a favorite singing competition. They somehow captivate us year after year, and I bet we all know someone that should be on there. Well if you want to give the person a chance to shine, and you could use some free entertainment at the reception, recreate the competition at your wedding. Let guests enter themselves into the game on the invites and go through all the motions of you, your partner, and the audience voting until it is down to one winner.

Put your own twist on it and have the contestants choose what to sing from a list of your favorite songs. Hopefully, you’ll have some guests eager to participate, but don’t forget to have some incentive for them. While I’m guessing giving a million pounds to the winner will not exactly be in the budget, maybe a gift card for the winner and free drinks to anyone who participates will get people involved.

6. Cars

Okay yes, this theme fits a particular personality, but hey if you and your partner fall into that category, now is the time to own it. If you find yourself turning on Top Gear and being completely captivated and ready to drive the fanciest cars the world has to offer, use your wedding as an excuse to live out this dream.

The first step, of course, is to rent some high-quality sports cars to drive the wedding party. Since these cars maybe seat two people each, you will have to rent a lot of them, or you can just cut down your wedding party. After all, sacrifices must be made for your big day. If you want to get a little risque (and are getting married in a pretty rural area), you can all race to the reception (if you get pulled over don’t tell them I suggested this).

Get your creative juices flowing. Think of a car shaped wedding cake, wheel plates, and of course “oil cans” for cups. Pretty much any standard wedding commodity can be twisted into the car theme, and I’m sure watching Top Gear will help you think of how.

7. The Upside Down

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last three years, then you have watched, or at least heard of, Stranger Things. This dark, mysterious, cleverly funny American Netflix show has taken the world by storm. Set in the 1980s, it follows the story of the search for a missing boy, leading members of the town to “the Upside Down.”

The Upside own is basically our world, but much darker and slimy-er, and full of monsters, oh and if you haven’t figured it out yet-upside down.

So how exactly do you have an upside down themed wedding? Well, make everything look as 80s as possible, but then make it dark and scary. I’m talking scrunchies, patterned wallpaper, and some killer music. Now take all that stuff and scratch it up a little. Hang some string lights under the alphabet, write your and your partner’s name in a black sign with red lights. Put some furniture upside down. Make your cake into the shape of a Demogorgon. Make the place look like a warped version of reality.

Whatever you want out of your wedding, there is a TV show out there to use for inspiration. This is your day, so spend it in a creative way that fits you and adds an element of fun. There are so many possibilities -from classy to quirky, and anything in between. No matter what you decide, your wedding will be a fantastic day full of laughter and love, and maybe even some very cool decorations.