…after all, union and departure go hand in hand!  

       Excitement of meeting loved ones after long, happiness of seeing them hale and hearty, sorrow of departing once again and hope of subsequent reunions in the future – while life showers us with endless opportunities and blesses each one with limitless possibilities, moments of union and separation greet us several times along the journey. A self-confessed emotional and sensitive individual, I often find myself pondering about these occasions of reconnection with family and friends. While each one of us get involved and engaged in our own route of life, visit to our near and dear ones offer chances of quality time.

     While staying far from loved ones sets us into an independent mode, spending occasional time with them brings us closer to the joy of sharing. As ideas, thoughts, emotions and feelings flow within this union, it blesses us with the happiness of being surrounded by those who matter. Enjoying, laughing, smiling, complaining, arguing, teasing as the course of union comes to an end, it invites sad feelings of separation.

         A recent experience of union with family members within walls of our little nest prompted me to pen down these thoughts. Along course of a month, as this get- together filled the emptiness of our house with laughter, talks, fun and entertainment, we realized its significance only after the period of departure. As rightly said, we appreciate the value of things only after they are gone, I and my husband experienced a practical example of this saying!

      Though meeting with folks after a long time fills our life with much needed novelties, departing away from this happiness ensures continuity of excitement. Raising hopes for a reunion, such kind of joy keeps us well occupied with our daily course. As a fuel that pumps energy and enthusiasm, the thought of meeting our people again can keep us well motivated. Though I appreciate the influence of changes in life, sorrow of separation and excitement of reunion have the capacity to entertain my sensitive mind for several days. While I realize the necessity behind union and separation, the course of these changes bring cocktail of emotions.

     Creation of a vacuum after silence of departure has the power to radiate loneliness. Memoires of the fun-filled times and moments of lovely adventures pull each one towards lanes of nostalgia. As an unstated law of life, meeting and departing from loved ones can result in diverse experiences. While those with a sensitive heart like mine may find it difficult to get over this phase quickly, few others have the capacity to welcome changes with a happy heart. Some may resort to tears during separation, while some may pass it like just another day of life.

      A very beautiful parting thought, during the sadness of one such separation has reduced my emotional baggage to a little extent. Filling my mind with hope of next big significant event either at work or home takes me away from the sorrow of departure. Several experiences like these have prompted me to frame few beneficial pointers. With immense love for words, expression of thoughts in a written manner add shades of positivity to my sensitive picture!

  • Thinking about nostalgic memories of happy time on the day of departure or few days after it can be disturbing, hence take a trip down memory lane only after a long time.
  • Capturing memories through photographs can be a great way to stay happy until the next opportunity to meet.
  • Joy and excitement of meeting is magnified, only due to separation that lasts for a long while. Welcoming departure can offer a good scope for inviting arrival.
  • If sorrow of departure fills my eyes with tears, I remind myself about the next opportunity of reunion or next exciting plan.
  • Accept unions and departures as laws of life, spoiling the present moment due to impact of past memories can never yield any fruitful results.

        With this, as I look forward to several such experiences in the future, I hope to keep myself motivated. It is necessary to decorate both union and departure with equal amounts of happiness and excitement, after all they go hand in hand!  

Published by Lavanya