Recently I have finished my first year at university and it has been a very mixed up year. I started off studying Software Development which involved maths, coding and a lot of programming, and don't get me wrong if you are into that sort of thing then do what you want and I hope you succeed in your career!

But... it was the worst choice of my entire life for me! I realised that when I was getting the first fails in tests that I have ever got in my whole life and it was a shock if I'm honest. So I started to look into apprenticeships instead to hopefully get some money and experience for when I needed to grow in the business world when I get a bit more grown up (yes I'm nearly 19 and that means I'm technically an adult but nope I'n not ready for that yet, pillow forts and colouring are still too fun!) When looking into apprenticeships they looked and sounded like great opportunities and I did get some interviews which was a great confidence booster and I would highly recommend looking into them before choosing college or university because they are great for experience.

Long story short anyway I have now ended up on a Graphic Design degree and it is the best decision I have ever made!  With this course I now get to watch movies and just experience life and that makes me a better designer (much better than reading books full of code, meh) I actually love doing course work now and have started a freelance business with my boyfriend called Pixel Graphics. It's weird how much my life has changed since last September but I am so glad it has and I am loving life right now!

Overall I would just like to say that before you make any big decisions like choosing a course or a job just make sure you do your research, and try not to just go for the easy option because that's what I did and it just made my life more difficult in the long term. I wish you luck with any decisions you get to make in the future and I hope they make you very happy because you deserve it :D 

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Bye bye :D

Published by Chloe Bullen