I'm exposed, drinking beer, seeing
   clear, speaking English to a stranger I've just
   met. Miles away from home I'm
     doused in coffee-shop smoke and waves of pollution wear my
   throat down, hold my nose
     now you can taste what fragile reality they could
     not bear to hide.
 Orders another drink for you and me,
   we've surely passed our limit for tonight but our bodies rest
   still within the warmth. Basking baked beneath
   the filters of their cigarettes
   spat out on the concrete and the
    two guitars, one drum that compose a solid community,
    a sweet loving symphony.
  Sing sweetly, oh sing solidly,
   they know that in your heart there has been
   much wrong. But as they're passing
    off the instruments
    one at a
     time to you
   begging another sip of
    theirs to you, offering stick after
    stick after stick to you, you realise that
    most of what ailed you before was merely just
 Take a drink now, order a cab home, carry your
    lover in your palm with a cloth,
    you've been denying your smile and your
    home is in his eyes,
      don't you forget that
          in everything
      you are meant to

Published by Charlotte Griffiths