If you have watched the news last week you have seen humanities biggest problem once more create havoc and chaos in the world. But this is nothing new, each day of the week we see in our own life how humanities biggest problem causes chaos and havoc and for some reason, we seem to find no way to escape it. Sin is the root cause of last weeks events on a global scale, and sin is the root cause of all destructive events in our own life.

Another way to describe sin is lawbreaking. Each time we commit acts of sin we are breaking Gods law the 10 commandments.

What happens when you break the laws of the nation you live in? If you are speeding you have broken the law and when the law catches up to you through a traffic cop you will be held accountable for your actions and punished. Should you decide to steal something the law will catch up to you and hold you accountable for your actions. If you break the law you will be held accountable for you actions and punished.

Each and every day Gods law is broken in one way or the other, and nothing seems to happen. There is no traffic cop, no officer of the law that suddenly appears out of the blue to hold us accountable to our actions and see to that punishment is served. So it is easy to believe there is no consequence to breaking Gods law, after all nothing seems to happen when we do. But what we seem to forget is physical death.

Physical death hits us all, 10 out of 10 people die one day. Some of us will die a violent death, some will die in our sleep. But we all die, thats a fact of life. When we do, Gods law has caught up to us and is ready to see to that punishment is served.

"But how can God be juste, righteous and holy when He waits that long before He intervenes? That makes it possible for so much evil to be committed during an entire life time, what if God had intervened sooner, then a lot of evil could have been prevented?"

I understand where you are coming from, and when you look at the news and you read about child abductions, it is easy to get frustrated and ask God why cant you intervene before that person is allowed to hurt another child. The reason is love.

How can a God intervene in one persons life and stop that person from doing acts of sin and look the other way when it comes to you and your life dear reader? After all, if you take an honest look at your life, you would soon see that your life is not without sin. You are guilty of sin, and if God is justified He would have to intervene in your life as well and take your life now if He should intervene in the life of a child abuser and take his life before he is allowed to hurt another child.

God loves this world, and He loves His creation humans. He even loves those among us we find wery difficult to love. He hates the sin, but He created the sinner and He loves the sinner. So it angers God greatly when a child is abused, but He loves the child abuser. And it angers God greatly when you lie, but He loves you dear reader. He will see to it that the child abuser will pay for his crime, but He will also see to it that you will pay for your crime. The question is this, will you pay for your own crimes against God? You know you dont have to.

Because God loves this world and us humans He does not want anybody to end up in hell. Hell was never created for humans, it was created by God for the fallen angels that revolted against God. But God has to make sure that justice is served, He has to make sure that lawbreaking is punished and the punishment is hell for an eternity. So every day millions of people end up in hell after they have left this life through the gates of physical death. It is not Gods will for that to happen, but He created us with a free will to choose. He will never violate that free will, so He waits as long as He can and He sends messenger after messenger telling us to repent and believe while it is still time. To often majority of us chooses to ignore the messengers, and one day Gods patience runs out. One day He does not want to wait any longer and He takes our life to judge us You did know you do not have to be judged by God when you die? It is your choice who will be judged when you die.

When Gods patience runs out it is because you have ignored His continually warnings to repent while it is still time. On that day God will take your life and He will judge you for all the times you broke His law the 10 commandments. On that day His law will catch up to you and make sure justice is served and you will end up in hell for an eternity. God does not want that to happen, but if you choose to continually ignore His warnings, it will happen one day because He has to make sure justice is served for all the times you broke His law.

God created us, He loves us and He does not want us to end up in hell. But He also knows we are unable to help ourself. All we do is sin, we are unable to stop sinning. So we sin continually in thought, word or deed. So humanity is lost, we are without hope, headed straight for hell if God does not intervene.

Luckily He has intervened and He did so because He loves us. But He will not force us to accept His intervention and His solution, He gives us a choice.

Gods law says that the only thing that can atone for the sins of another human is human blood. But it has to be human blood from a human that has never sinned a day in His life. If it was human blood from a person who had sinned that blood could not atone for the sins of another human, because it had to first atone for its own sins. When Adam and Eve fell in the garden the blood of humanity was infected with sin and the desire to sin. We had been created without a desire to sin, but because of Adam and Eves decision they gave sin permission to enter into the blood of humans.

When a baby is conceived it gets its blood from the father and not the mother. So each and every human being that is born the natural way will automaticly inherit the fathers desire to sin. Humanities evil nature goes down through the generations always passed on by the father. That is why there could never be any sinless human blood to be sacrificed for the sins of humanity.

So God intervened and He gave us the sacrifice we needed, He sent His Son Jesus Christ to be born on the earth. Jesus who is fully God could not atone for the sins of humanity as God. So He had to be born as a human. But He could not be born as a result of intercourse between a man and a woman, because then His blood would inherit the fathers evil nature. So God bypassed His own laws and made it possible for Himself to born by Mary without a natural human father. He placed His Son inside of Mary and allowed Him to be born the way any human baby is born. By doing it this way, He made sure Jesus was born as a human being, without being infected by humanities evil nature and at the same time made it possible for Him to retain His God nature. That is why we say He was and is 100% human and 100% God.

Without a desire to sin, but with the ability to make that choice, Jesus lived the perfect life. He never broke Gods law one day in HIs life. He kept the law to its fullest extent so when He died, His blood did not have to atone for His own sins. His blood was sinless and perfect.

Because His blood was sinless and perfect, and because He was born as a human, He could atone for the sins of another human. Jesus did many wonderful things while He walked on this earth, but we must never forget why He came. He came to die for us, not to do miracles, not to teach us great and wonderful things. He came to die, and when He died His blood was able to atone for the sins of all humans past, present and future.

But God never forces us to accept this, we have a choice. It is a choice between being judged for our own sins or accept that Jesus has already been punished for our own sins. The first option will unleash Gods full wrath when you die and send you straight to hell. The second option will forgive you right here and right now, allow you to live the rest of your life as a child of God, and one day God will call you home to spend eternity with Him in heaven.

So Jesus took the responsibility for our sins, why then should you choose to carry that responsibility yourself? Why should you choose to ignore your responsibility when the 10 commandments testify to your guilt?

The fact of the matter is this, the blood of Jesus payed for all our sins, past, present and future.  We can choose to pay for our own sins when we die by serving an eternity in hell or we can choose by faith to accept that Jesus has already payed for our sins with His blood. The first option lands us in hell when we die, the second one opens up heaven for us when we die after we have lived our life on this earth as a child of God. I have seen hell with my own eyes, the Lord allowed me to see it and it was not a pretty sight. I saw an untold number of people being sucked into a pit of complete darkness. They knew where they where going, they knew why and they all regretted making the decision they made while they where alive on earth but they all knew it was to late for them.

Jesus took the responsibility for our sins, but He did not stop there. He also took the responsibility for our life. The only thing you have to do is to believe this is true, that Jesus died for you.

Believing Jesus died for you does not remove the evil nature you inherited from your father, it just make sure it is unplugged from its natural source of power so it cant function anymore.

If you choose to believe Jesus died for your sins your sin nature is unplugged and the responsibility for your sins is transferred to Jesus. But you are still alive and breathing on this earth, and you still have needs and ample opportunity to restart your sin nature. Believing Jesus died for you does not change the fact that sin is still sin. Anger is still a sin, lying is still a sin and breaking the 10 commandments is still a sin.

The moment you believe Jesus died for you I can guarantee you one thing, the devil will try everything to trip you up and make you do something so you can choose by your own free will to restart the old sin nature. How?

Circumstances will suddenly present itself where it will seem to be so righteous of you to respond in a sinful way. Somebody cuts you of in traffic, an old event suddenly resurfaces something you just wanted to forget about, something shameful and you are tempted to lie to cover it up instead of admitting to you. You are tempted to react back in anger to the one who cut you of in traffic. Perhaps it happens at home, your spouse suddenly changes and start acting with a bad temper against you and you feel like your spouse is disrespecting you and you do not know why, then the temptations comes to answer back in anger.

No matter the circumstances, you have to remember you have an enemy and he knows you, he knows your life and he knows your weaknesses and what buttons to push. Before you gave the responsibility for your sins to Christ you used to belong to the devil. The devil knows how to push you into sin, and if you at any time wander from the death of Jesus in your faith, he will succeed.

You can call yourself a christian, you can be the most faithful christian there is, but you are not match for the devil and if you try to come against him by your own willpower or strength, he will walk all over you. If you try to use your religious duties as weapon against him, telling him how much you fasted, prayed, read your bible or how you have lived the purpose driven life, he will chew you up, swallow you whole and spit you out again just to walk all over you.

Sin is not just breaking the 10 commandments, sin is also trying to do what only Jesus has done.

As a christian there is only one way to keep the sin nature unplugged, and that is through constant faith in the blood of Jesus. The Bible says the blood of Jesus defeated the devil, we did not defeat him. Our bible reading, praying, tithing, fasting, church attendance and our purpose driven life did not defeat him. The blood of Jesus was and is the only thing that has defeated the devil.

If you try to defeat him by any other way then the blood of Jesus you have suddenly restarted your old sin nature. You have not only then restarted the old sin nature, but suddenly you have given permission for more sins to enter into your life. You have given permission for your old habits that had no problem with breaking the 10 commandments to be restarted. If this happens you are suddenly finding yourself on a dangerous road that could cost you your soul and salvation in the end.

The only way to live now as a christian, and to have victory is through constant faith in the blood of Jesus for everything. By choosing to have that constant faith you are giving responsibility for your life to Jesus, not only for your sins, but for everything else. When He died for us, He took responsibility not only for our sins but for every consequence of sin. But He does not force us to give this responsibility to Him. We can choose to fail by trying to carry that responsibility for ourself, but then we will fail.

What am I referring to when I say consequences of sin?

When God created Adam and Eve He created them with perfect health, not lacking in anything. If you take one look at your life right now, you will soon discover this is not true for us right now. We have far from perfect health, and we have genuine needs. We have bills, and we often lack money to pay them. All of these things are consequences of sin, and Jesus with His blood gave us a solution for them all.

But He will never force us into anything, the offer is on the table, its up to us if we want it.

With His blood He has already healed us, He has already made us wealthy (not perhaps a millionaire, but wealthy so all our financial needs are met), He has already filled us with His Holy Spirit and baptized us with tounges as sign. All our consequences of our sins are already dealt with by His blood and His death.

Ok I know, this is probaly not reality right now in your life even though you consider yourself to be firm believer in the cross of Jesus Christ. But nowhere in the Bible does it say that we dont have to fight for it, it just says we are to fight the correct fight of faith which is the good fight of faith. (1.Tim 6:12)

The devil opposes this with everything he got, because he knows this is true. He knows that on the cross Jesus did it all, He took responsibility for our sins and for the consequences of our sins so we only have to believe in what He has already done. The devil knows that a person who believes, and keeps believing, in what Jesus has done for them will get to experience all of this as reality in their lifes. They will get to share in everything Jesus did for us at the cross and the results and consequences of their sins will have to leave because the blood of Jesus has concoured them all.

But there is a fight, a genuine fight. Well not exactly a fight, more like claiming what rightefully belongs to us by choosing to have a continued faith in the blood and what the blood has already given us.

Tomorow we will dig deeper into the spiritual fight, the good fight of faith and how to lay hold on what is rightefully yours.

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com