I was scrolling through Instagram and I found another instagramer, who commented on a comment she had received about a typo. And the girl decided to call the instagramer stupid because of that typo.

The girl who made the comment is obviously insecure, and the demeaning comment makes her feel superior. It might be some girl shit I don’t understand. I don’t know if it’s me who has this stupid image of sisterhood.  I tend to think that women  should stand together. We have and deal with many of the same problems. We should support each other and not be demeaning.

Demeaning comments are a bit like peeing in the pants . It makes you feel warm for a short time, but  then it starts feeling cold. The comments doesn’t fix the actually problem; insecurity. You don’t fix that problem by being an ass to other people. You fix the problem by taking a good loooong look at yourself and accept yourself as you are.


When I was about 14, I thought I was ugly. A few years later when I wanted to be more confident, I looked at myself and thought, “Have I ever been called ugly?”. No, I haven’t. I have never been called ugly. Actually, I have only been told the opposite. But I still thought I was ugly because the media and the society tells women that they aren’t beautiful as they are.  I’m not trying to glorify myself. I’m no saint. I have tons and tons of imperfections. But I have NEVER made a demeaning comment about a girl. Even back in my insecure days I didn’t do that.

Have you ever been called ugly? Or stupid? If so, who was is? Let me guess. An asshole, right? People who feel the need to demean others are just sad people, who are insecure about themselves. It’s a vicious cycle.

By now you might be thinking; “Amalie, what is your point with this “(none) verbal diarrhea?”.   Well, I’m kind of hoping an insecure person would read this and realize that, being demeaning isn’t going to help you with security problems. The people who called you names are sad people. And you should feel sorry for them and never let those comments get to you. The comments aren’t about you. The comments are more like a cry for help.

If you however do demean people. Stop. It’s unnecessary. The comment says a lot more about you than the people you write or talk about. You are not going to fix the real problem by being demeaning.

And that was my point. Don't be insecure, because you are the perfect you. And there is no better kind of perfect than that.

Published by Amalie Ingvorsen