When I received the invitation from a friend, I said ‘Yes” without even thinking and when I realized it was such an impulsive decision, we were boarding the bus to Antique already. That’s when I discovered that spontaneity is exciting and thrilling especially if you’re with the right kind of people.What is so exciting about the trip is that, it’s just me, Melanie and Jun Jun. I thought we’re going in a group but at the last minute I discovered that it’s going to be just the three of us. Next, we only have one specific goal; to visit Seco Island! But,..we don’t know yet how are we going to reach the island and where we are going to stay. It’s our first time to visit Tibiao, Antique. We really don’t know what awaits us there. We joked about different kinds of scenarios so we can’t help but laugh at our own silliness.

After more than 5 hours of traveling by bus, we arrived at Tibiao, Antique at past 7 o’clock in the evening. As early as 7PM, the place looks asleep already. Problem is, we still have to search for the resort where we are going to stay. Luckily, one lady helps us find the place. 

Gem’s Chrystal Blue Resort’s lights are off when we approached it. For me, it looks like a horror movie where, in the middle of nowhere we enter the gate of dark mansion and never to went out alive again (me and my imagination!). But when the caretaker turned on the lights, my doubts were suddenly flushed in the toilet. The place looks nice even at night.The pool is so inviting we decided to take a dip after dinner. The cottage where we’re going to stay is also excellent. For a price of 1,600 pesos plus a free breakfast and unlimited use of the pool, it’s a nice place to stay. It is not just a room but a cottage with a small port overlooking the pool at the front and the seashore at the side.

The next morning, we woke up at five in the morning and went searching for a banca to take us to Seco Island.Seco Island, named after the Kinaray-a word for elbow because of its shape, is an island 21 nautical miles away from Tibiao, Antique. The island has 1.5 kilometers of white sand and surrounded by shallow clear sea. It is the newest vacation destination in Antique. The moment I saw these pictures on my friends' Facebook page, I was so green of envy!However, because it’s just the three of us, nobody is willing to take us there. In order to hire a pump boat we have to pay 10, 000 pesos and that’s way beyond our budget. (It is best to visit the island in a group in order to spend less.) Sadly, we don’t have any choice but to give up Seco Island and think of other destination. (We’ll see you soon Seco, just wait for us!)

Although disappointed, Melanie didn’t give up on making that day fruitful for us. It’s her goal to visit as many tourist spot as she could in one day. So, instead of Seco Island, we visited Bugtong Bato Waterfalls.B ugtong Bato Waterfalls is a seven tiered waterfalls at Baranggay Tuno, Tibiao, Antique. It’s a 20-30 minute hike along rice fields and streams. The hike took our breath literally and figuratively because of the trail and beautiful scenery around us. Even though the country is suffering from the effects of El Niño, Baranggay Tuno is as green as ever. The air is cool and fresh. The rice fields are thriving.We pass by a few houses along the way. The life there seems to be simple and peaceful.

After 20 minutes of hike (with few stops for picture taking), we finally arrived at the base of Bugtong Bato waterfalls. It was like a secret paradise in the middle of the mountain. I was awed by its beauty and so happy to finally reach it. Although the waterfalls are not as impressive as it was during the rainy season, for me it is still beautiful.Because we were the first visitors to arrive that day, we were free to take as many pictures as we can with the help of the tour guide.

Since I didn’t research the waterfalls before going there, I was surprised when the tour guide said there are two more above. In order to reach the other waterfalls, we have to climb the man-made steps at the side of the waterfalls. For someone with a fear of height, that was a true “test of character”. I almost gave up. Thankfully, the tour guide assisted us.Good thing I gathered my courage and climb the next level because it was more awesome up there! We can’t resist the water so we took a dip and it was so cold and refreshing.

In the middle of the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls is a lagoon. According to the tour guide, the lagoon is 15 meters deep. In order to reach it, you have to climb through the waterfall using a rope (rappel style).Did I mention I am a coward? So obviously I didn’t go up to the 3rd waterfall and the lagoon. Jun Jun and Melanie; daredevil as they are, took the challenge and climb to the next level. According to them, the lagoon is awesome and even though they ventured only at its edge, they enjoy their time up there.Although I love the waterfalls, we can’t stay long because we have other places to visit.


Published by Anabelle Suravilla