MC Romance




It’s finally my time…
Everyone has their damn breaking point, why did the president of my MC’s daughter have to be mine? She was everything I wanted, and nothing I could have. Being a prospect was hard enough. Living with my father that I had only known for a few years wasn’t making life any easier. And there I was, ready to jeopardize it all for love. I went to Vilas to figure out where I came from, little did I know that I wasn’t just going to be passing through. This life was pumping through my veins my whole life, I just didn’t know it until I walked into the Unacceptable’s bar for the first time.

Raine Hellock was my kryptonite and come hell or high water, I was going to figure out how to make her mine.


 Unspeakable is the second book in Kristen Hope Mazzola's Unacceptables series and it is just as good as the first book in the series! This series is my first experience with an MC romance and the more I read, the more I love them. Mazzola perfect combines rough and dirty with sweet and soft and a dash of action in her MC books that I devour each time. 






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