This book is yet another love story much like the first book of the series. Ethan one of the sons of Liam’s and Sera’s fells in love with Emma (human) and of course it’s his mate.


The story unfolds nicely, but as it unfolds it becomes more psychotic. I f you read the previous books and liked them, then read this one as well. 


One thing I want to mention is how different the vampires is in this novel series; they are more humane. 


Anyway, it’s interesting to read all this love stories. The torture they have to go threw so they can be together. I don’t think in this day of age people would persist for love. They would choose comfort over love. 


I feel the society has made love redundant and everyone knows how to punish and hurt everyone. SO it’s good to read love stories; to remind us to love and be human. 




Published by Elektra Bakhshov