Oh my god I miss you.

But not just the regular way that you miss someone. I miss you so much that I can’t function in daily life. My mind is mush and my legs tremble at the mere thought of seeing you. Touching you. Kissing you.

You consume me. Even when I’m not with you. Even when I can’t see you. Even when I can’t speak to you.

I miss those beautiful ocean blue eyes that make me melt the minute I dare look into their depth. I miss that twinkle in them whenever you caught me staring at you. And that powerful lightning bolt sensation when I look into your eyes; feeling; knowing, that you want to grab my face in your hands, and kiss me like you never want to let go.

I miss your scruffy, scratchy beard brushing against my face. I miss running my hands through your fluffy, wet hair.

I miss the damp, salty aromas that fill your house. I miss the chaotic mess, and how it is constantly littered with sand and dirty dishes.

I miss the comfort of your presence. The way the rest of the world just dissolved behind me when I was with you.

I miss the words, the glances, the ways you made me feel like I was so loved, beautiful, unique.

I miss your worn, weathered hands gliding over the contours of my entire body.

I miss the warmth of your skin being pressed against mine.

I miss falling asleep to the tender squeeze of our bodies merged. And waking up throughout the night because the passion in our souls; our hearts is just so strong.

You consume me. My mind; my body; my spirit.

And, oh my god.

I fucking miss you.

Published by Olivia Sunshine